East3 Thoughtcaster

Client: Attention Builders, LLC

The ultimate thinking cap, this helmet helps children with attention deficit problems increase their attention span without relying on drugs. The technology, which was originally developed by NASA to extend the attention spans of pilots, uses three sensors in the helmet, which touch the child's head and detect EEG or brain signals that are then wirelessly transmitted to a base station. Children control a proprietary computer bike or skateboard racing game hands-free by using their brainwaves.

"Easily one of the most remarkable products I've ever seen! The designers took a crude collection of wires and equipment and turned it into an amazingly exciting and accessible product. It's a serious learning tool that looks like a fun piece of sporting equipment!" -Jill Shurtleff, IDSA, The Gillette Company

Contact: Monty Montague,
IDSA, Bolt,

Designers: BOLT and Spark