Dionex ICS-3000 ion chromatography machine

Client: Dionex

The Dionex ICS-3000 is an Ion Chromatography machine, used to separate and identify the chemical makeup of any liquid, gas, or solid matter sample. The design solution is a system of like-sized machines that work together as an integrated system. All doors open easily and have smoothly integrated handles, which will not snag on hoses or lab coats. Door that remain open sometimes are designed to look good in the open and closed position by mating with either the bottom sample port or the top control panel. The ICS-3000 solution has an internal hose raceway to neatly manage hoses that were always in the way in the past. Sales for the current quarter were $74.2 million, an increase of 13 percent compared with the same period last year.

Contact: Tom Keegan, IDSA,
Whipsaw, USA,
408 297 9771,

Credit: Whipsaw