Denco Personal Grooming Tools

Denco Easy Grip is the first line of personal grooming tools (pointed- and slant-tip tweezers, nail and toenail clippers and a foot smoother) designed specifically for users with reduced manual dexterity. The team interviewed, tested and observed users with reduced dexterity, as well as average users, aestheticians and hand specialists to ensure the bio-mechanical and ergonomic innovations added improved comfort and performance over conventional grooming tools. The design team also developed a signature look for the tools that impart key product attributes-comfortable and inviting, high-quality, easy-to-use and unique. The ice blue and white color scheme straddles a stylish and personal care aesthetic. Additionally, the blue areas intuitively suggest to the user where and how to grip the tools.

Contact: Wendi Parson,
Smart Design, USA,

Credit: Smart Design; Denco