Cybertech MAT Mechanical Advantage Tourniquet


The MAT is a next-generation tourniquet for military, law enforcement and emergency services applications. Besides meeting numerous Department of Defense performance requirements (occludes blood flow in less than one minute, applicable to a trapped limb, one-handed application, useable on both an arm or leg, easily released and reapplied, and weighs less than 8 ounces), the design needed to be easily understood and self-applied by someone in extreme stress. Its clean, simple design and obvious visual cues make operation intuitive. A gaping hook at the top end of the unit indicates that something attaches to it. The only possibility available to the user is the tension-lock buckle on the strap. After completing this step, visual cues on the brace indicate that the large turnbuckle needs to be turned, whereby the blood flow stops. The design has been successfully used in combat conditions, in the dark, underwater and in extreme weather conditions.

“…brings simplicity and elegance to a very traumatic event. Very appropriate aesthetics give a soft comforting feeling without losing the perception that this is a serious piece of equipment.”
--Tor Alden, IDSA, principal, HS Design Inc.

Contact:Steven Ewing
Ewing Design Group

Credit: Cybertech Medical and Ewing Design Group