Brivo 386

Featured Finalist

The Brivo386 is a floor-mounted X-ray system targeted to the primary healthcare market. This market is often faced with technicians who lack experience and training, obsolete equipment and facilities, and stretched finances. GE is dedicated to mitigating this situation in an affordable and elegant way with the GE standard image quality system. Driven by the user experience and functionality, the Brivo386 console is ergonomically integrated with all sub-systems for seamless operation that enables technicians to remain focused. The table facilitates easy elevating, and the cable management design hides 90 percent of the cables between the moving parts. The Brivo386 reduces the stress level of patients with a compact, round design that creates an immersive and approachable environment that helps them have a safe and relaxing experience.

Designed by: GE Healthcare Global Design Team Chengdu China