Biology Camera Head and CPU

Client: SciMeasure

This device connects a powerful Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) to microscopes or macroscopes and transmits images to a PC, where they are recorded. Varying custom needs yielded multiple configurations of CPU boards and camera head boards. The company required a single modular, expandable and universal solution to house various cameras and CPUs. The CPU is constructed by stacking circuit boards on top of one another. The circuit board is connected to a flat carrier board, which is sandwiched by taller risers. The entire construction plugs into a main board at the bottom.

  • The number of cables and connectors has been reduced from 14 to 2.

  • Loosening torx bolts on the front of the camera allows the manufacturer to move the opening to adjust the center of the CCD.

  • Manufactured appearance attracts more attention.

Contact: Mark McJunkin, Product M,

Credit: Product M and SciMeasure