4D localization system

The Calypso 4D Localization System is a medical device that guides radiation therapy delivery with sub-millimeter accuracy, reducing complications from organ motion during treatment. It uses electromagnetic fields to locate implanted miniature circuit transponders, smaller than a grain of rice, which continuously monitor tumor position during radiation therapy. Care was taken to avoid the conventional lab-equipment look prevalent in most radiation therapy rooms. The result is a non-threatening and approachable form that enhances the therapeutic environment for patients.

“…an example of great design thinking and modern and compelling visual language. The design sends a strong message through precision technology and ergonomic focus.”

Ruth Soénius, IDSA, Director, User Experience, Siemens Corporate Research, Inc.

Contact: Whitney Mortimer

Credit: IDEO, ZIBA Design Inc. and Calypso® Medical Technologies, Inc.

Client: Calypso® Medical Technologies, Inc.