Medical & Health

Beauty Platform

Beauty Platform provides a comprehensive skin-care solution from makeup to cleansing. The specialized moisturizing essence, which improves the moisture and elasticity of skin, is kept protected on the cooling plate. The smart mirror display provides information on optimal skin care and informs users about customized care regiments.

Designed by: Jungjae Jeon of Coway Co., Ltd.


Always Discreet Boutique Panty

Always Discreet Boutique is a beautiful, accessible, disposable underwear solution for adult incontinence that offers protection from leaks and neutralizes odor instantly. It incorporates great fit with maximum absorbency in a feminine design that empowers women with improved performance and beautifully designed protection.

Designed by: Design Central and Procter & Gamble


ACUSON Juniper

The ACUSON Juniper is an ultrasound system capable of scanning virtually all patients regardless of their size, weight or condition. It has a reduced footprint with an ergonomically designed front and rear handle that optimizes portability. The control panel and the tilting touch screen are intuitive and ergonomic.

Designed by: SunHye Hong and JooYeon Lee of Siemens Healthineers Ltd. and JaeHwa Moon and InYoung Yeo of RND+ Design Team


4°C Organ

The 4°C Organ, an advanced organ preservation device, ensures that donated organs remain in top condition. It uses the energy-efficient iced-preservation method and advanced precision temperature monitoring technology to maintain the critical temperature while the organ is being transported from donor to recipient.

Designed by: Shifan Long and Han Tian of EAD for General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Command of PLA


Abaxis VetScan VUE

The Abaxis VetScan VUE is the first app-based diagnostic instrument in the veterinary marketplace. Paired with patented Rapid Test cartridges and the VUE mobile app, veterinarians are now able to quickly scan patient samples, diagnose life-threatening diseases and automatically document the results in the patient’s chart from the exam room. Obtaining accurate test results is the most critical task in the diagnosis of infectious diseases. Prior to the Vetscan VUE, veterinary staff were required to hand treat each Rapid Test and then perform a visual eye exam to determine the results. The purpose of integrating the Vetscan VUE reader and the VUE app was to deliver accurate results on every test while simultaneously saving time for the veterinary staff. By utilizing the user’s mobile device, the VUE is reduced to a quarter of the size of related devices and has only one physical touchpoint: the Rapid Test drawer.

Designed by: Huge Design for Abaxis



Eargo is a Class I FDA-regulated hearing device designed for adults who experience mild to moderate hearing loss. Invented by an ENT surgeon with more than 30 years’ experience, Eargo earbuds are virtually invisible. They work with patented Flexi Fibers, a soft material that comfortably suspends the device in the ear without blocking natural sound from entering the ear canal. While hearing aids typically amplify sound using a small speaker, the Eargo device allows bass sounds to travel into the ear so only treble sounds need be amplified. The design language for Eargo was inspired by consumer technology rather than medical devices. It defies the notion that hearing aids can’t be beautiful and desirable. Traditional hearing aids can be frustrating for users, with tiny batteries, screws, and buttons that are nearly impossible for people with low dexterity to use. The portable charger was designed to be discreet and beautiful and to solve battery power, one of the biggest pain points when it comes to hearing aids.

Designed by: Ammunition for Eargo


ASP STERRAD with ALLClear® and Velocity™ BI System

The STERRAD Velocity™ is a hydrogen peroxide biological indicator system that uses advanced optical measurement technology to confirm sterilization of reprocessed surgical instruments within 30 minutes, rather than 24 hours like other systems. The fast turn-around helps meet operating-room demands, and the embedded technology reduces the risk of prematurely releasing frequently needed surgical instruments. The STERRAD ALLClear® system is the next-generation low-temperature sterilization system that helps central sterile service departments sterilize and reprocess instruments for operating rooms quickly and consistently. The ALLClear® technology uses proprietary algorithms to minimize interruptions and cycle cancellations and to increase efficiency.

Designed by: Johnson & Johnson Industrial Design and Human Factors teams and Advanced Sterilization Products


Philips Sonicare 9700 DiamondClean Smart

The Philips Sonicare 9700 DiamondClean Smart makes great oral health attainable, convenient and compelling. This oral healthcare system has a meticulously crafted handle with unique finishes and delightful colors, an alluring charging glass and a pleather-wrapped travel case with USB charging. A smart brush head and motion sensor inside the handle allows real-time guidance for optimal brushing via the connected app, providing easily understood information. This system delivers superior health benefits through meaningful innovations and assists users with the most complete clean with better coverage, reduced scrubbing and ideal brushing pressure.

Designed by: Philips



HERA W10 is a premium ultrasound system that focuses on obstetric and gynecological services. The system implements ergonomic improvements for the moving range of the control panel and the articulated monitor arm, reducing musculoskeletal stress during operation of the ultrasound system. Various functions for user convenience were incorporated into this premium ultrasound system, including the maximized control panel with optimized key layout, the articulated monitor arm, organized probe cables with simplified probe selection, and state-of-the-art technology in an advanced yet humble and durable aesthetic.

Designed by: Cheonseop Shin, Sungwon Lim, Junpil Moon, Ui Kim and Kilsu Ha of Samsung Medison


Equashield Pro

The Equashield Pro is built around Equashield CSTD and relies on an innovative design to redefine the automation workflow and optimize throughout. Unlike a traditional robot’s reliance on arms that mimic human motion to use a needle and syringe, the Equashield Pro uses a multi-station compounding approach to minimize both the motion and time it takes to prepare a dose, much like a factory manufacturing line. The Equashield Pro was designed to make the adoption of robotics in the IV room affordable and straightforward regardless of hospital size.

Designed by: Gonen Daskal, Eric ShemTov and Marino Kriheli of Equashield, LLC