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Eargo Neo Hearing Aids and Charger Case

Over 38 million Americans suffer from hearing loss, but less than 30% own hearing aids. One of the biggest reasons is social stigma. Eargo Neo is a set of in-canal hearing aids that are virtually invisible. Eargo Neo features a sleeker profile than previous generations, with corrosion-resistant steel charging contacts for enhanced durability. Replaceable Flexi Palm tips made from soft medical-grade silicone conform to users’ ear canals, providing improved comfort and acoustic performance. The rechargeable Neo contains a full day’s charge and comes with a portable charger case that protects and charges the hearing aids when not in use. 

Designed by: Jonathan Aase, Alice Eamsherangkoon, Thomas Bergner, and Michael Barrett of Eargo, Inc for Eargo, Inc.

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CMR Surgical - Versius Surgical Robotic System

Versius is a next-generation surgical robotic system designed for patients, surgeons, and hospitals. Until now, size and cost have limited widespread uptake of robotically assisted surgery. Compact and portable, Versius has a modular design that allows individual arms to easily be moved around the operating room, between suites, and even between hospital floors, maximizing usage. The surgeon console may be used as a seated or stand-up workstation. Its ergonomic design reduces surgeon strain and facilitates open communication between the surgical team. Its lower cost and managed service model eliminate prohibitive capital outlay, making it easier for more hospitals to adopt it.

Designed by: James Lamb, IDSA, of Lamb Industries Limited for CMR Surgical

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Valence InVent Xtend

The Valence InVent Xtend extends a ventilator’s supply during pandemic-related ventilator shortages. It enables a single ventilator to ventilate two, three, or four patients while ensuring the safety of the connected patients. It allows each patient to have different ventilator pressure settings despite sharing a ventilator. These settings can be modified in real time without impacting the pressure settings of other patients. It is equipped with additional safety elements that prevent CO2 rebreathing and ensure predictable ventilator behavior and alarms. It is also highly cost-effective, being a thousand times less expensive than a typical hospital ventilator. 

Designed by: Steven Roy, A/IDSA, of Convergence Medical Sciences and Darsey Godwin of Exergy Solutions

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Opté Skincare System

Opté is a precision skincare system that scans your face and applies a serum to cover only the blemishes, eventually fading the area and drastically reducing the overall amount of applied makeup.

Designed by: P&G Ventures Design Team, Astro Studios Design Team

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Colgate® Plaqless Pro toothbrush

The Colgate Plaqless Pro toothbrush is a smart toothbrush with optic-sensor technology and an app-driven interface for a more thorough brushing experience.

Designed by: Colgate Design Team and Astro Studios Design Team

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Oral-B iO™

The Oral-B iO combines superior clinical performance with modern design and a delightful user experience that elevates the toothbrush from the aesthetics of a tool to a beautiful object that is personal and smart.

Designed by: Oral-B Design Team for Procter & Gamble Service GmbH

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Hair Dryer HL9

The HL9 hair dryer uses a high-speed motor with a unique duct structure to maximize air flow while keeping the wind temperature constant to avoid damaging hair.

Designed by: Chang Jin and Chang Qu for Hangzhou Rosou Electronic Technology Co., LTD.

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Flo is a single-use patch that uses a low-cost mobile ultrasound transducer, Bluetooth, mobile data networks, and artificial intelligence to detect the symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. 

Designed by: PDR for Cardiff School of Health Sciences, Cardiff Metropolitan University

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Orthopedic robotic navigation and positioning system

This orthopedic surgery robot system is composed of a manipulator mainframe, optical tracking system, and main control trolley with a positioning accuracy up to the sub-millimeter.

Designed by: Wang Yanqing, Zhao Dongge, Chen Dingliang, Ning Zhen and Zhang Junbo of Beijing ZCO design Co., Ltd. for Beijing TINAVI Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

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BIOSENSE™ Breath Ketone Monitoring Device

The BIOSENSE Breath Ketone Monitoring Device provides real-time ketone readings with clinical-level accuracy so users can monitor, track, and maintain their keto diet and adjust their carbohydrate intake as needed. 

Designed by: Metaphase Design Group and Readout Health

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