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Eargo Neo Hearing Aids and Charger Case

Over 38 million Americans suffer from hearing loss, but less than 30% own hearing aids. One of the biggest reasons is social stigma. Eargo Neo is a set of in-canal hearing aids that are virtually invisible. Eargo Neo features a sleeker profile than previous generations, with corrosion-resistant steel charging contacts for enhanced durability. Replaceable Flexi Palm tips made from soft medical-grade silicone conform to users’ ear canals, providing improved comfort and acoustic performance. The rechargeable Neo contains a full day’s charge and comes with a portable charger case that protects and charges the hearing aids when not in use. 

Designed by: Jonathan Aase, Alice Eamsherangkoon, Thomas Bergner, and Michael Barrett of Eargo, Inc for Eargo, Inc.

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WorldVent Ventilator

The explosion of the COVID-19 pandemic in late winter 2020 revealed a desperate shortage of ventilators to treat a growing number of patients impacted by the disease. In response, a group of Seattle-based volunteer clinicians, designers, engineers, and philanthropists formed the World Ventilator Foundation to design and develop a low-cost emergency-response ventilator. The WorldVent is a streamlined mechanical ICU pandemic ventilator that performs the same life-saving function as highly technical ICU ventilators at a fraction of the cost. It is lightweight, has a highly intuitive controller, and can be rapidly and easily produced. It was designed to operate in a range of medical facilities from hospitals, field hospitals, and even austere environments with limited medical personnel and infrastructure.

Designed by: WorldVent Volunteer Team for World Ventilator Foundation

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Nella NuSpec Reusable Vaginal Speculum

The Nella NuSpec is a vaginal speculum designed with patient comfort in mind. The insertion and opening of the speculum is uncomfortable for many patients, but the NuSpec’s narrow four-bill design (about the size of a tampon) and smooth temperature-neutral material optimize comfort. It also opens quietly, without jangling or ratcheting sounds, to minimize patient anxiety. When the provider opens the device, the internal side bills retain vaginal sidewalls, ensuring adequate visibility and access to conduct an exam or procedure. An ergonomically designed handle features a toggle that allows for one-handed locking or unlocking, keeping the provider’s other hand free if needed for instruments. 

Designed by: Maria Lalli of Ceek Women's Health and Dave Sayler of Gearhead Associates

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Rebel is a miniature bioprocess analyzer used for research and development in biopharmaceutical labs. It combines three devices into one easy-to-use piece of equipment. With Rebel, researchers can run media analyses on live cultures and bacteria with different parameters in just seven minutes to learn the most effective combinations for the desired outcome. Rebel puts control into the researchers’ hands by eliminating the need for a third-party service to conduct the media analysis. Its built-in easy-to-navigate autosampler allows researchers to test up to 96 samples at a time. Even with its large user-friendly touch screen, this small but powerful device is slim enough to fit on a lab benchtop.

Designed by: Loft Design and Drew Blouch, Michael Jobin, Christopher Brown, and Colin Gavin of 908 Devices

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Refillable Floss Pick

The Refillable Floss Pick is a sustainable way to floss. It comes in a compact, mirrored dispensing case that can be refilled with paper-pulp floss pods. The packaging and refills are entirely paper based, making all elements of delivery and use fully recyclable. To match the convenience of a disposable floss pick, the designers created an innovative method for refilling the pick through an auto-feeding floss pod and tray system. A single pod can replace 180 single-use plastic floss picks, reducing plastic waste and litter. The case is small enough to easily fit in a pocket or bag to take with you on the go. 

Designed by: quip hardware development

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Allergy Amulet

Allergy Amulet is a revolutionary wearable sensor designed to detect food allergens. Thanks to the real-time results provided by this lab-vetted technology, dining out is no longer a stressor for people with food allergies.  In a few moments, the food has been mixed and is ready to give a result. Interchangeable sensor strips allow users to test for multiple food allergens and they can choose to pair Allergy Amulet with the mobile app for a personalized experience.

Designed by: Jeanette Numbers, IDSA, Seunghyuk Scott Noh, IDSA, Catherine Jameson, David Baker, Yutong Shen of Loft Design, Beth Soucy and Abigail Barnes of Allergy Amulet

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Healthdot is a wearable sensor for patients discharged from the hospital that allows clinicians to monitor them in their first important days at home. Convalescing and elderly patients often struggle with electronic devices that require Bluetooth pairing, pin codes, or charging. Healthdot is designed so patients do not need to do anything to make it work, allowing them to focus on their recovery. Connecting directly and securely to the cloud ensures reliable remote patient monitoring. As an unobtrusive, rounded-off white box, the shape of the Healthdot also expresses the simplicity of the design.

Designed by: Philips Healthdot Venture - Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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R-Zero Arc

The R-Zero Arc is a hospital-grade UV system that provides easy-to-operate, fast disinfection of academic, corporate, hospitality, athletic, entertainment, and healthcare environments at a fraction of the cost of comparable systems. UV-C technology provides chemical-free disinfection. It is safe to use around food surfaces, electronics, and furniture. Arc can destroy 99.99% of pathogens in a 1,000-square-foot space in seven minutes. The operator positions Arc to maximize coverage, plugs it into a wall outlet, sets the duration, and leaves the room. Equipped with an array of infrared motion sensors, Arc will not operate when it detects the presence of a human or animal. 

Designed by: Fred Bould, IDSA, Anson Cheung, IDSA, Scott Shumaker, and Lora Dimitrova of Bould Design for R-Zero

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Vave Health Handheld Ultrasound

Vave is a handheld ultrasound device that can wirelessly connect with any smartphone or tablet. The portability of Vave allows clinicians and medical students the flexibility to provide enhanced care beyond a person’s physical location or environmental barriers. Vave is an easier, more flexible alternative to traditional ultrasound devices. Prioritizing human considerations, the shape and size of Vave was carefully crafted to create a product that can be balanced in your hand, while the proportions are small enough so you can hold it in multiple orientations.

Designed by: Bret Recor, Kenneth Young, Sehee Ahn, Charlie Weber, and Merric French of Box Clever inc. for Vave Health

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These KoniKore devices use live brain neurons fused to a silicon chip to “smell” compounds in the air, such as pathogens, cancer cells, and explosives. The genius of this innovation lies in how these devices convert a life-form signal from a programmed neuron into a digital message. In other words, you can give the neurons in the sensors a particular instruction, such as sniffing out threats in an airport or “tasting” food for quality assurance. The living cells inside are bathed in a nutrient-rich microfluidics chamber, sampling air from the surrounding environment.

Designed by: Dan Harden, IDSA and Cole Derby of Whipsaw, Inc. for Koniku

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