Spinamic for scoliosis patients


Spinamic is a vest-type spinal scoliosis corrector composed of a fiber material that encourages wear time. Three percent of the world suffers from scoliosis, half are teenage girls. Standard scoliosis braces are rigid, made of conventional hard plastic. Many patients suffer from pain after wearing rigid braces for 18 hours a day, psychological stress from the stigma of the armor-like appearance, and side effects such as rib fractures, lowering of musculoskeletal growth and unsanitary conditions. To combat these shortcomings, Spinamic was made with neoprene, mesh and Velcro, making the vest much lighter and more comfortable. Spinamic is simply worn by putting it on and zipping it up. It is also equipped with a pressure regulator inside the calibrator that applies appropriate pressure according to the patient's spinal curvature, allowing for more accurate treatment.

Designed by: Paul Roe, Aiden Cho, Jihye Song, Jake Lim, Zinie Park, Woogi Min of VNTC

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