REAL Immersive System


The REAL Immersive System is a simple, portable rehabilitation tool that can be used at a patient’s bedside, in a therapy gym, or a mobile health location. It’s an immersive virtual reality and display system that tracks upper extremity rehabilitation exercises for adults who have symptoms related to a stroke or a neurodegenerative disease. It is the first virtual reality system that is purpose-built from the ground up for rehabilitation in a healthcare environment. REAL uses multiple body sensors and a unique headset designed specifically for patients with limited strength and mobility. To make rehab fun, the immersive activities employ all the tricks of game design to engage the patient and keep them motivated. Because the system is wireless, the therapist can help with a patient’s movement and the patient will see their avatar moving like it is their own body, which encourages development of new neural pathways.

Designed by: Katie Broughton, Matt Bettman, Chris Strahm and Rachel Wallace of Delve and Real Immersive System Development Team for Penumbra

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