Omnicell Narcotic Syringe Dispenser

Featured Finalist

The Omnicell syringe dispenser securely dispenses prefilled syringes in a hospital or clinic. Sometimes these syringes are filled with narcotics or dangerous drugs, so they must be controlled. This “dispenser box,” which holds 25 prefilled syringes, is placed in a cabinet with multiple dispenser boxes. When a syringe is needed for a patient, a nurse makes a software command in the cabinets’ interface, and the syringe is deposited onto a drawer below for retrieval. The dispenser fits cohesively within the entire product ecosystem without disrupting its existing workflows. Its “mechanical auger” configuration helps to prevent jams and makes it simple to load again after user authentication.

Designed by: Mickey McKay, Ariel Turgel, Mark Hearn, and Elisa Payer of Whipsaw, Inc, and Colburn Jones of Omnicell

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