Ion Endoluminal System

Best in Show

The Ion Endoluminal System is a new robotic platform for minimally invasive biopsies deep in the peripheral lung. The system features an ultrathin human-controlled robotic catheter that allows physicians to navigate into hard-to-reach airways with unprecedented stability and precision. The innovative shape-sensing technology measures the full shape of the catheter hundreds of times per second, providing precise location and shape information throughout the entire navigation and biopsy process. The biopsy is enabled by the FlexisionTM flexible needle, which bends with the catheter and is able to pass through tortuous airways. When designing the system, designers focused on ensuing that the technology would integrate with existing environments and workflows. Portability and a small footprint were key objectives so the system could be nimble enough to be placed in a standard bronchoscopy suite setup without requiring special accommodations. 

Designed by: Intuitive Global Design Team

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