Featured Finalist

HS40 is the ultrasound diagnostic equipment for the emerging market. Its monitor arm folds flat so it can be used in tight spaces. HS40 provides a comfortable position during exams and prevents musculoskeletal disorders for examiners. Its side pocket is designed to be flexible and detachable and its materials are easy to clean, hygienic and highly durable to withstand external shock. The arch shape at the back is an aesthetic design factor—a dedicated space for a printer. Built-in cables for power and data reduces the number of components that can interfere with examinations. Lastly, the sheet metal with resin cover can reduce production costs.

Designed by: Sungwon Lim, Ui Kim, Junpil Moon, Cheonseop Shin, Junghoon Kim  of Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

Contact: ui.kim@samsungmedison.com | https://www.samsungmedicalsolution.com/en/common/index