Featured Finalist

EmbracePlus is the world’s most powerful, compact, and versatile health smartwatch. A collection of onboard sensors and custom algorithms mean that EmbracePlus can be used to remotely and continuously monitor a broad range of physiological data and conditions, ranging from epilepsy to chronic stress.

EmbracePlus automatically measures physiological parameters and sends this information straight from the wrist to the Cloud. This provides detailed and unprecedented insight into human health, without requiring visits to a clinic.

Healthcare professionals can use EmbracePlus to remotely monitor the health of their patients, and clinical researchers use it to collect physiological data in large-scale clinical trials. EmbracePlus’ superb adaptability is evident in its design. Its ultra low profile design allows it to blend into its users’ lives, making it the medical wearable that patients will never want to take off.

Designed by: Whipsaw Inc. and Empatica Inc.

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