Easy, Affordable Vision Screening for Developing Countries

Jury Chair's Choice

Access to eye care is taken for granted in the first world. But for over 2.5 billion people living in smaller communities in developing countries, little help is available. Many nonprofit organizations provide free or affordable glasses to developing countries, but among the population, there is little awareness about vision correction and, therefore, little demand for the glasses. Vision screening typically requires trained professionals that use expensive equipment. In contrast, ClickCheck is a self-screening solution that costs under $5 to produce (affordable for an NGO to provide for free) and is designed to be passed from person to person, thus propagating awareness as it goes. It needs no training to use. The ultra-simplicity and low cost of this solution has made it a success where other vision screening apps or kits have failed.

Designed by: Paul Hatch, FIDSA, Andreas Bell, Holly Howes, Ross Brinkman, and Eric Wiegman of TEAMS Design for Essilor

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