DR. BEI Portable Water Flosser F3


The Portable Water Flosser F3 lets you floss wherever you are. It can be shrunk to the size of a mobile phone and carried with you. The F3 achieves this compact footprint by ingeniously integrating the water tank with the flosser. When it’s time to floss, simply slide the tank and the flosser components apart. Remove the nozzle from its storage spot and affix it atop the device. Fill the tank with water. The one-touch button on the side offers three cleaning modes. When not in use, the F3 is at home on the countertop, looking like an elegant bottle of perfume.

Designed by: Zhou Ying, Zheng Jinpeng, Qiao Hongtao and Liu Ying Xi of Wuxi Qinghe Xiaobei Technology Co., Ltd.

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