Dabir Surfaces

Featured Finalist

Pressure Ulcers (PUs), previously referred to as "bed sores," are highly preventable clinical adverse events that cause unnecessary suffering and reduce the quality-of-life of patients. The secondary infections that often accompany PUs also can be life threatening. Dabir Surfaces (Methode Electronics) was created with the sole purpose of developing technology and solutions to help prevent these devastating “Never Events.” From a device perspective, pressure was confirmed to be a factor, but more importantly, it was the duration of the pressure acting on the skin that needed to be addressed. Our compelling human factors success story has utilized input from several industries—resulting in ZERO reported PUs to date when Dabir’s innovative solution is adopted.

Designed by: Steve Elliott, Mike Vettraino of PTI Design

Contact: selliott@teamptidesign.com | www.teamptidesign.com