The BiomarkX is an all-in-one bioscience instrument embedded with microfluidics using polymerase-chain-reaction (PCR), a lab technique used to amplify DNA sequences. It is used to detect and ultimately treat disease. It provides essential, accurate, and reproducible data for discovery and applied research that uses real-time PCR, like detecting COVID-19. Gone are the days of huge standalone genomics machines, replaced by a new era of the benchtop instrument where several small devices can be deployed in one lab. With its tablet-like display and sample cartridge loading, the BiomarkX provides an intuitive user experience that enhances laboratory efficiency—all with little training.

Designed by: Benjamin Martin, Paul Gifford, Walker Harden, Cole Derby, and Yale Shaw of Whipsaw Inc. for Fluidigm. Rudy Yeung, Raymund Bautista, John Lerma, and Gnana Chattanathan of Fluidigm.

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