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Atellica® Solution

Atellica Solution is a multi-analyzer system for in vitro diagnostic testing of clinical specimens. It offers flexibility and scalability with more than 300 supported configurations.

Designed by: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Industrial Design Team

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Axonics r-SNM System

The Axonics r-SNM System is a rechargeable sacral neuromodulation system to treat bladder and bowel dysfunction, allowing patients to manage symptoms without medication.

Designed by: Karten Design

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Centrella Smart+ Bed

The Centrella Smart+ Bed is a hospital bed that provides a comprehensive solution to the daily challenges of the patient experience and safety while improving caregiver safety and efficiency.

Designed by: Rick Heimbrock, Mark Zerhusen, Todd O'Neal, Xuan Teng and Nick Mann, IDSA of Hill-Rom

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Gmate® smart insulin pen

The Gmate is a digital insulin injector that controls doses with a 1-inch screen and digital driving unit. All complicated functions were excluded, and the pen was designed for single button operation.

Designed by: Ho Sul Lee of Philosys Co.Ltd.

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Gmate® smart with USB type-C

The Gmate blood glucose monitoring system checks blood sugar levels and other factors anytime, anywhere.

Designed by: Ho Sul Lee of Philosys Co.Ltd.

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The i500 system is a 3D intraoral scanner for digitally recording topographical characteristics of teeth and surrounding tissues for use in designing and manufacturing dental restorations.

Designed by: Jinpyo Chun of i500 Design for MEDIT Corp.

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Immunotherapy Bioprocessing Device

This device combines four bioprocesses into one system, reducing these procedures to one-tenth of the original time and reducing the cost to one-fifth.

Designed by: Jordan Nollman, Rich Orsini, Matt Bettencourt of Sprout Studios and Robert de Saint Phalle for Draper

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Refill is a robotic finger prosthesis for partially amputated patients who lost their thumb and index finger. It replicates finger movement by interpreting the body’s EMG signals.

Designed by: Yeo-eun Kim, Gu-cheol Jung, Gang-yong Gu and Kee-hoon Kim of KIST

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Venue – Ultrasound for the Critical Moment

Venue is a high-performance diagnostic and guidance ultrasound system designed specifically for point-of-care physicians. It facilitates simple, fast and precise image acquisition from critically ill or injured patients. Its unconventional design may also be useful for traditional users in a variety of clinical settings. The multitouch gesture-recognition interface—great for quick clean up—has an automated set of tools to simplify and accelerate clinical workflow. Designed and tested for ease of use, the toolset minimizes training, helps reduce fatigue and has the familiar feel of contemporary consumer devices. 

Designed by: Robert Meurer, Ross Stalter, Craig Loomis, Alex Sokolovski & Cindy Owen for GE Healthcare Point of Care Ultrasound

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