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EmbracePlus is the world’s most powerful, compact, and versatile health smartwatch. A collection of onboard sensors and custom algorithms mean that EmbracePlus can be used to remotely and continuously monitor a broad range of physiological data and conditions, ranging from epilepsy to chronic stress.

EmbracePlus automatically measures physiological parameters and sends this information straight from the wrist to the Cloud. This provides detailed and unprecedented insight into human health, without requiring visits to a clinic.

Healthcare professionals can use EmbracePlus to remotely monitor the health of their patients, and clinical researchers use it to collect physiological data in large-scale clinical trials. EmbracePlus’ superb adaptability is evident in its design. Its ultra low profile design allows it to blend into its users’ lives, making it the medical wearable that patients will never want to take off.

Designed by: Whipsaw Inc. and Empatica Inc.

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KARE: Mobile Clinic Module

The Mobile Clinic Module is a modular negative pressure ward system that can be quickly deployed and set up in emergency situations, like a pandemic.

Designed by: KAIST CIDR Lab, Zoslee Studio, and 20PLUS Co., Ltd. for KAIST

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The EASYGRIP FLO41 is a one-handed laparoscopic applicator designed for targeted delivery and dosage of a flowable hemostatic agent to stop or mitigate unintended bleeding during surgery. 

Designed by: Jake Schubert, Frank Busch, Karl Vanderbeek, Jerry Schafer, and John Burke of Kaleidoscope Innovation for Baxter

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My Lung Health | Asthma Research Study

My Lung Health is a research study app created to detect asthma exacerbations and changes in asthma control through mobile and wearable technology.

Designed by: the Digital Health Lab of Samsung Research America

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Miro Canvas

Miro Canvas is a compact, digital microfluidics platform that enables the automation of complex laboratory protocols without the need for costly robotics or a steep learning curve. The system utilizes a universal cartridge that can be used for a wide range of workflows, including library preparation for next-generation sequencing for both short and long read technologies. No hardware changes are required between workflows because all the operations are controlled digitally by intelligent software that monitors the location of droplets during the entire process. The system provides on-screen guidance for starting an experiment, followed by walk away automation. Miro Canvas is user-installable, user-friendly, and small enough to fit in a backpack.

Designed by: Ari Turgel, Brian Leach, Britt Jensen, and Ricardo Verheul of Whipsaw, Inc. for Miroculus

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Omnicell Narcotic Syringe Dispenser

The Omnicell syringe dispenser securely dispenses prefilled syringes in a hospital or clinic. Sometimes these syringes are filled with narcotics or dangerous drugs, so they must be controlled. This “dispenser box,” which holds 25 prefilled syringes, is placed in a cabinet with multiple dispenser boxes. When a syringe is needed for a patient, a nurse makes a software command in the cabinets’ interface, and the syringe is deposited onto a drawer below for retrieval. The dispenser fits cohesively within the entire product ecosystem without disrupting its existing workflows. Its “mechanical auger” configuration helps to prevent jams and makes it simple to load again after user authentication.

Designed by: Mickey McKay, Ariel Turgel, Mark Hearn, and Elisa Payer of Whipsaw, Inc, and Colburn Jones of Omnicell

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SprintRay Pro Wash/Dry

SprintRay Pro Wash/Dry is an all-in-one, automated, two-stage system for washing and drying parts fabricated using resin 3D printers. 

Designed by: Hossein Bassir, Amir Mansouri, Tim Tian, Alex Ye, and Hang Ye of SprintRay Inc.

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COPA: Computerized Oral Prescription Management System

The COPA System is a virtual care and prescription drug management system designed to become the standard of care in personalized medication delivery and adherence monitoring.

Designed by: HS Design and Sterling Medical Devices for Berkshire Biomedical

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Umbrella Stone Basket

In urethra endoscopic lithotripsy, when the stones in the ureter are crushed by lasers or other devices, the Stone Basket captures the rubble and takes it to the bladder, where it is then excreted by the human body.

Designed by: MicroPort Design Center and MicroPort UroCare Medical

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VELYS Robotic-Assisted Solution

The VELYS Robotic-Assisted Solution simplifies knee replacement surgery with a table-mounted solution that integrates into any operating room. 

Designed by: Johnson & Johnson Design, IDHF, and DePuy Synthes

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