Medical & Health

Opté Skincare System

Opté is a precision skincare system that scans your face and applies a serum to cover only the blemishes, eventually fading the area and drastically reducing the overall amount of applied makeup.

Designed by: P&G Ventures Design Team, Astro Studios Design Team

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Colgate® Plaqless Pro toothbrush

The Colgate Plaqless Pro toothbrush is a smart toothbrush with optic-sensor technology and an app-driven interface for a more thorough brushing experience.

Designed by: Colgate Design Team and Astro Studios Design Team

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Oral-B iO™

The Oral-B iO combines superior clinical performance with modern design and a delightful user experience that elevates the toothbrush from the aesthetics of a tool to a beautiful object that is personal and smart.

Designed by: Oral-B Design Team for Procter & Gamble Service GmbH

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Hair Dryer HL9

The HL9 hair dryer uses a high-speed motor with a unique duct structure to maximize air flow while keeping the wind temperature constant to avoid damaging hair.

Designed by: Chang Jin and Chang Qu for Hangzhou Rosou Electronic Technology Co., LTD.

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Flo is a single-use patch that uses a low-cost mobile ultrasound transducer, Bluetooth, mobile data networks, and artificial intelligence to detect the symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. 

Designed by: PDR for Cardiff School of Health Sciences, Cardiff Metropolitan University

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Orthopedic robotic navigation and positioning system

This orthopedic surgery robot system is composed of a manipulator mainframe, optical tracking system, and main control trolley with a positioning accuracy up to the sub-millimeter.

Designed by: Wang Yanqing, Zhao Dongge, Chen Dingliang, Ning Zhen and Zhang Junbo of Beijing ZCO design Co., Ltd. for Beijing TINAVI Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

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BIOSENSE™ Breath Ketone Monitoring Device

The BIOSENSE Breath Ketone Monitoring Device provides real-time ketone readings with clinical-level accuracy so users can monitor, track, and maintain their keto diet and adjust their carbohydrate intake as needed. 

Designed by: Metaphase Design Group and Readout Health

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Oro Plume

The Oro Plume is a lightweight motor-assisted wheelchair designed to make the user look proud and tall. The power-assisted motor functions in proportion to the effort of the user.

Designed by: Yunwoo Jeong, Jinhee Cha, Kyohwe Goo, Choeun Park and Wooin Jang of Disegno T9 UNIST for Drone Dom Co., Ltd.

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Robin Healthcare

Robin Healthcare is an AI scribe that streamlines the clinical documentation process using voice/video so doctors can focus on their patients instead of on taking notes. 

Designed by: Hatch Duo, LLC for Robin Healthcare

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Omnicell XR2

The XR2 is a modular, scalable robotic hospital pharmacy system that automates medication distribution processes and standardizes the practice of medication management to reduce errors. 

Designed by: Omnicell, Inc.

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