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ILE Reusable Fabric Mask

The ILE Reusable Fabric Mask functions at the level of an N95 mask, even when it is washed more than 10 times, and is reusable for three to six months.

Designed by: Sangki Suh, Changkyun Kim, Sunghee Lim, Sunhye Son, Jaeyoung Jun, and Seolhae Jo of Korea OGK Co., LTD

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Theunique Vehicle-mounted Smart Agarwood Aroma Diffusor

This vehicle-mounted smart agarwood incense diffusor creates an immersive aroma experience with increased durability, efficiency, stability, and safety. 

Designed by: Li Xiaolin and Yang Chunxu of Guangzhou Theunique Biotech Co., Ltd. and Dr. Zhang Mengting of the Macau University of Science and Technology for Theunique Bio-Technology Co., Ltd

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Theunique Smart Agarwood Aroma Diffusor

This portable, smart agarwood incense diffusor creates an immersive aroma experience with increased durability, efficiency, stability, and safety. 

Designed by: Mengting Zhang of the Macau University of Science and Technology and Xiaolin Li and Chunxu Yang of the Guangzhou Theunique Biotech Co., Ltd. for Theunique Bio-Technology Co., Ltd

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Origami Face Mask

Origami masks are handmade in San Francisco with ethically sourced materials that are both zero-waste and sustainable. The masks are free of harsh, toxic materials like plastic, elastic, and metal, making them extra durable for hot wash and dry cycles. In addition to their green design, they are 100% biodegradable and compostable. After prototyping over 25 different cotton mask variations, the designer selected the most efficient design to mass produce as well as the easiest for people to sew at home. The mask pattern was immediately made available for free online and has since been downloaded over 7 million times from around the world. The mask was noted by USA Todayas one of the top 10 masks of 2020.

Designed by: Shujan Bertrand, IDSA, of Aplat

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Zero Halliburton Pursuit Aluminum Luggage

This design for this new generation of Zero Halliburton aluminum cases represents a radical rethink of aluminum luggage. Unlike a molded plastic shell, an aluminum case is a formed object. There are opportunities in working with the material, and there are limitations. The designers pushed the limitations to achieve a beautiful, iconic, and sculptural form. The Pursuit line takes advantage of the material qualities to create a stronger and more structural case, offering much-improved durability and protection. In addition, all touchpoints and elements of the cases were thoughtfully designed and engineered to deliver luxury and improved functionality.

Designed by: PENSA Design Team and Zero Halliburton Design Team

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Visby Medical COVID-19 Test

Visby Medical’s COVID-19 Test is an instrument-free single-use PCR (polymerase chain reaction) device that fits in the palm of your hand. It delivers near 100% accuracy in under 30 minutes. User-centric design helped ensure that it is easy for anyone to operate it. It can be used almost anywhere; it only requires a conventional power source. With the versatility to rapidly identify any number of serious infections (bacterial, viral, fungal) without sacrificing speed for accuracy, its impact goes far beyond today’s pandemic. This will have a significant impact on a doctor’s ability to have PCR-accurate data during a patient’s appointment.

Designed by: Visby Medical (formerly Click Diagnostics)

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Burch Barrel

The Burch Barrel is a combination grill, firepit, and smoker that allows for open-fire cooking with wood or charcoal. Inspired by Santa Maria-style grilling, the tripod suspension system lets users elevate the lid and/or the cooktop above the flame to adjust the heat, tend the fire, or take their food out of a flare-up. The barrel’s double-walled construction channels air into the bottom, fueling the fire and keeping the outer surface safe to touch. Its tripod design allows the barrel to be used on uneven ground, making it perfect for outdoor use.

Designed by: Alex Undi, Roby Burch, Drew Jordan, and Colin Lew of Design Prosody for Burch Barrel

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EDEC OffGrid Mobile Faraday Bag

The EDEC OffGrid Mobile Faraday Bag protects personal devices from EMF, RFID, FM radio, CPS, Cellular, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi signals, safeguarding data and protecting privacy. 

Designed by: Pete Ducato and Marco Vanella of STEL Design for EDEC Digital Forensics

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Intelligent Temperature-control Hair Dryer

This high-speed hair dryer has a brushless motor that rotates at 110,000 rpm to dry hair quickly while the smart temperature-control sensor protects the scalp and hair from uneven heat. 

Designed by: Hao Yu, Nan Jiang and Hongxu Tang of Industrial Design for Dreame Technology

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WellBeings CBD Nano Mist Inhaler

The WellBeings CBD Nano Mist Inhaler is a combustion-free CBD delivery device. The pocketable, user-centered form factor delivers a precise dose that allows up to eight times more bioavailability than standard CBD. The result is a highly effective non-burning delivery method with near-immediate absorption, onset, and effect. The design of the WellBeings Nano Mist Inhaler naturally supports people’s mental and physical health in a more comfortable, effective, targeted way and eliminates the social stigma with which inhalers are often associated. Without being overly clinical, the product creates a sense of legitimacy and trust.

Designed by: Scott Wilson, Matt Puhalla, Keith Alsberg, Matteo Iavcioli, Vera Chan, Greg Ettenson and Gary Paulsen of MINIMAL Inc. Design for Loop Labs

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