WellBeings CBD Nano Mist Inhaler

The WellBeings CBD Nano Mist Inhaler is a combustion-free CBD delivery device. The pocketable, user-centered form factor delivers a precise dose that allows up to eight times more bioavailability than standard CBD. The result is a highly effective non-burning delivery method with near-immediate absorption, onset, and effect. The design of the WellBeings Nano Mist Inhaler naturally supports people’s mental and physical health in a more comfortable, effective, targeted way and eliminates the social stigma with which inhalers are often associated. Without being overly clinical, the product creates a sense of legitimacy and trust.

Designed by: Scott Wilson, Matt Puhalla, Keith Alsberg, Matteo Iavcioli, Vera Chan, Greg Ettenson and Gary Paulsen of MINIMAL Inc. Design for Loop Labs

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