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The design of ZEN was inspired by the traditional Chinese philosophy of “work at sunrise, rest at sunset,” which frees people from the fast-paced city life and gives them a place to live. 

Designed by:  Haiping Liu for Shenzhen Chuanjindaiyin Technology Co., Ltd.

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YATOTO Explore Series Backpack

The design of this backpack was meant to connect to the familiar. Its shape and color were inspired by toy cars, and the large pockets on the front were inspired by a traditional children’s stool. 

Designed by:  Xiamen Gomete Technology Co., Ltd.

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Our Tools

Our Tools is a set of 15 credit-card-shaped tools and stationery items, such as a luggage tag, money clip, bottle opener, portable wireless charger, alarm clock, tape measure and level, stapler, and phone stand. 

Designed by:  Richard Ahn, Mijung Kim, Jonghyub Lee, YoungJae Jang, and Sam Shin of Design Lab for Hyundai Card

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The OETZI ICELIPPERS slippers were inspired by the shape of an iceberg. They are soft and comfortable on your feet while offering strong wear resistance and a nonslip grip. 

Designed by:  Junfeng Zhang of 2AM Design Studio for OETZI

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Ball-jointed Hand Skeleton of Dolls

This ball-jointed hand skeleton can restore the shape of human fingers, unlike common hand skeletons on the market, which are made of twisted copper wires and are easily broken. 

Designed by:  Wang Hui, Liu Jiangxia, and Wang Siman for Zhongshan Jinsan Mannequin Co., Ltd.

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The Ocean Cleanup Sunglasses

The Ocean Cleanup, a nonprofit organization based in the Netherlands, wanted to give value to discarded plastic by turning it into something you’d never want to lose. The first products they developed are sunglasses. The plastic in the frames can be traced to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, assuring consumers of the origin of the plastic in their sunglasses. Through an independent laboratory, extensive testing was done to ensure that the material is safe to use. The final design is evocative of the ocean—reminding us where it came from and what it is protecting.

Designed by: fuseproject for The Ocean Cleanup

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The Jumper - Photo Backpack

Traditional camera gear is clunky and heavy—unrepresentative of the art created by those who carry it. This is the problem Brevitē set out to solve. The Jumper is a compact, sophisticated camera backpack that anticipates the user’s needs. It features a modern minimalist design, multiple divided pockets for easy and safe gear storage, a 13-millimeter foam base, and a ventilated back panel, all in a durable and reliable bag. The Jumper can keep your belongings safe while allowing you to switch from a photographer backpack to an everyday bag as needed.

Designed by: Brandon Kim and Dan Limonchik for Brevitē

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Galaxy Z Flip3 Case

The Galaxy Z Flip3 Case serves to elevate the Galaxy Flip series of smartphones. Without compromising protection, its charismatic look and additional functionality meet the exacting standards of millennials and Gen Z users. The modular design of the strap and ring allows a variety of customizable mix-and-match options with a rich selection of accessories. In both look and function, a case for a foldable phone should emphasize and enhance all the benefits that come with a high-performance smartphone that folds in half. The cases by themselves are eye-catching for a group of users who would choose a foldable device.

Designed by: Mobile Design Team of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Bilio Mask - Koala

The Bilio Mask is knit to shape and designed to minimize its impact on the planet with less than 1 gram of manufacturing waste, less energy to produce, and fewer carbon emissions to ship. The mask is composed of SilverKiss antimicrobial technology featuring a knit blend of recycled polyester and silver yarns. The silver yarns are EPA registered and release positively charged silver ions in the presence of moisture, prohibiting the growth of microorganisms and providing high filtration efficiency, controlling odor, and eliminating bacteria on contact. The Bilio Mask is washable, reusable, and repairable and aims to keep single-use masks out of landfills. 

Designed by: Bilio Design Team

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Alienware Horizon Carrying Cases

The Alienware Horizon Carrying Cases are a new collection of backpacks and protective sleeves designed to complement and carry the 15-inch and 17-inch Alienware gaming laptops. The collection provides a range of options from the full protection of a laptop sleeve to a comprehensive larger-capacity travel backpack with security-checkpoint features for gamers on the go. All the backpacks are made with Alienware’s GalaxyWeave polyester fabric and the Dell EcoLoop fabric coating process, which reduces the environmental impact of manufactured soft goods. The collection gets its design style inspiration from the new Legend design language, which focuses on tailored experiences, purity of form, a 360-degree design approach, and sustainable finishes and materials.

Designed by: Experience Innovation Group for Dell Technologies

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