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90FUN Puppy1

The 90FUN Puppy1 suitcase is embedded with an auto-following chip and a precise positioning system so it can easily move through airport terminals, bumpy sidewalks and other complex conditions.

Designed by: Difei Wu of Shanghai Runmi Technology Co., Ltd

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Level™ smart glasses

The Level™ smart glasses seamlessly integrate proprietary activity-tracking technology into a collection of beautifully designed eyewear.

Designed by: The Shop at VSP Global

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ring sharing ceremony

With the ring sharing ceremony, a couple can personalize their wedding rings by splitting one ring into two with their own hands.

Designed by: Masaki Takahashi and Tomohiro Okaue of Mokumeganeya Co., Ltd.

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Sensor Mirror Compact

The Sensor Mirror Compact is an innovative portable makeup mirror for people on the go.

Designed by: LDA Design Team and Simplehuman Design Team

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Project Better

Project Better is a casual footwear collection that focuses on well-being. The design principles are rooted in consumer insights from research and ethnography studies in Amsterdam, an urban epicenter of the wellness lifestyle. “Better” means putting the human first, developing shoes from a new perspective, reducing materials and amplifying the benefits of natural ones. The shoes are made with only the essential elements, deconstructed without extraneous layers, to enhance the natural movement of the foot. The foot and heel are surrounded by the comfort of merino wool, and the entire foot bed is washable. 

Designed by: Stephanie Howard, IDSA, of HOW AND WHY, and the VF Corp. Global Innovation Footwear Team

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Essentials Suite for Wheelchairs

The Essentials Suite is a wheelchair-attachable lifestyle collection that fuses design and function. Developed alongside wheelchair users, the Suite consists of an array of products such as cup holders, wallets and bags that permit users to be as hands-free as possible. By placing people who have disabilities at the core of the design process, industrial design and fashion design can erase the societal barriers and stigmatization often associated with disability. Wheelchairs and mobility devices aren’t only vital modes of mobility and independence; they are fundamental factors of style and self-expression—a message the Essentials Suite reinforces.

Designed by: Lucy Jones & Joonas Kyöstilä, IDSA of FFORA

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The TSUTUMU Card Case was brought to life based on the Japanese custom of wrapping valued items carefully. It is made by beautifully folding a piece of high-quality leather without using a single piece of fastening material, like origami. TSUTUMU was designed to gently wrap your valuable business cards.

Designed by: SATOH Hirotaka


MINE MIRS Smart Lighted Mirror

The MINE MIRS Smart Lighted Mirror was designed to solve the problem of insufficient light when putting on makeup. Users can adjust the brightness and color temperature of the powerful LED ring, enabling them to create professional makeup lighting in any environment.

Designed by: Bo Jing, Zhibo Chen, Shihuang Zhong and Xue Zong of MINE


Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa is a health and fitness smart watch designed for everyone. It delivers the advanced health and fitness features people have come to expect from Fitbit, as well as phone-free music, wallet-free payments, notifications to stay connected and popular apps to make life easier.

Designed by: Jonah Becker, Brian Paschke, Gregoire Vandenbussche, Kelly Roche and Jennifer Birch of Fitbit


Boosted Backpack

Made specifically for Boosted Board (electric skateboard) users, the Boosted Backpack is made to carry a Boosted Board and its related accessories. It securely and comfortably sandwiches the board vertically between a padded back panel and a fold-top bag. User-centric features include a magnetic external remote pocket for easy access, a convenient helmet carrying, a Boosted charger holster and expandability for larger loads. It also has a padded laptop sleeve, document organization, two internal pockets and one external pocket. The bag maintains a refined silhouette while incorporating technical details like magnetic clasps, waterproof zippers and fabrics, reflective details and durable construction.

Designed by: Levi Price and Jukka Rautiainen for Boosted