Brastemp Retro Family

Brastemp Retrô products incorporate brand elements inspired by a ’50s and ’60s aesthetic. It is aimed at an audience that appreciates this unique style without compromising the appliances’ performance. The line is composed of a frost-free refrigerator and a four-burner gas range. The appliances offer many useful features, such as the extra-cold compartment, fast-freezing option, fruit basket and can rack inside the refrigerator.

Credits:    Industrial Design Team of Whirlpool Latin America (Brazil)
Contact: Mario Fioretti:


“Appliance Link” Built-in Microwave/Oven and Refrigerator

"The Appliance Link" Built-in Microwave/Oven and Refrigerator bring harmony to kitchens. Kitchens are filled with appliances, but most have differing appearances, bringing visual disorder. This product series features compact flat-black tempered glass and hidden metal handles, an aesthetic that is ideally suited to the modern home environment.

Credits: MIDEA MWO DESIGN TEAM, Kim Jaehoon,Yan Dengkun, Kim Woonhyoung, Ou Jie and Wen Feng
Contact: Cao Qiu:


Zoku Chocolate Station

Designed to be used with the Zoku Quick Pop Maker, the Zoku Chocolate Station allows users to easily and efficiently coat ice pops with hard chocolate shells. Ice pops can be dipped or drizzled with chocolate to create an endless variety of flavors and designs. The unit includes two sprinkle trays that can hold sprinkles or nuts and a specially designed drizzle spoon.

Credits: Zoku LLC, Yos Kumthampinij, Ken Zorovich and John Earle
Contact: Ken Zorovich:


Zoku Single Quick Pop Maker

The Zoku Single Quick Pop Maker freezes pops in as little as seven minutes without electricity. Using their own healthy ingredients, users can quickly make striped pops, yogurt pops or flavored pops. To enjoy Quick Pops at a moment's notice, simply store the compact base in the freezer. Once frozen, the Quick Pop Maker can make up to three 2-ounce pops before it needs to be refrozen.

Credits: Zoku LLC, Yos Kumthampinij, Ken Zorovich and John Earle
Contact: Ken Zorovich:


govino® 'go anywhere' flute

The govino® ‘go anywhere’ flute is a shatterproof drinking vessel that allows for an enhanced experience of drinking sparkling wine in settings whenever and wherever breakable glass may be inconvenient or prohibited. Its elegant stemless shape showcases the bubbles and helps preserve carbonation. Made of a BPA-free polymer, it encourages a healthy conscience when enjoying a glass of delicious bubbly.

Credits:  govino / By the Glass, Boyd Willat, Joseph T. Perrulli and Barbara Heizer
Contact: Boyd Willat:

Ice Shaving Blender

The Ice Shaving Blender is the perfect combination of a professional drink-making tool by night and stand-alone blender by day. Mixing and matching the glass jar and ice hopper on top of one motor base breaks down two different blenders into one seamlessly integrated system. Pre-programmed time and ice-shaving settings create restaurant-quality frozen drinks at home. The brushed nickel design works within any setting, including kitchens, patios or poolside.

Credits: Continuum Design Team
Contact: Margaret Macmaster:


Tea-Time Tea Steeper

Tea-Time is a handheld tea-steeping device that can be used to make and drink tea. It consist of two double-wall cups and one spring-loaded timer in the middle. By introducing a new user-product interaction that is inspired by an hourglass, it makes the tea making and drinking experience both fun and convenient.

Credits: Continuum, Pengtao Yu, Jake Childs and Matt Heller
Contact: Margaret Macmaster:


OXO Good Grips Bag Cinch

The OXO Good Grips Bag Cinch replaces weak, cumbersome bread tags and twist ties. The soft nonslip pads communicate where to squeeze the Cinch; teeth-like grips communicate where the Cinch should be secured over the twisted section for a tight seal to seal in freshness and keep air out. Plus, its bright, bold colors make it easy to find in a cluttered kitchen drawer.

Credits: Smart Design Team: Kirsten Climer, Michael Schumann, Stephanie Scherer and Eric Freitag
Client: OXO
Contact: Mercedes Coats:


OXO Tot Feeding Line

The OXO Tot Feeding Line offers a comprehensive group of products that grow with children to minimize frustration as they exert their independence and learn to self-feed. It includes sippy cups, plates and bowls, baby spoons, a self-feeding fork and spoon, and snack cups. A modular system, it is aesthetically pleasing and enables parents to reduce the clutter that comes with having kids.

Credits: Smart Design team: Brook Kennedy, Alistair Bramley, Boris Kontorovich, Colin Kelly, Diane Lee, Eric Freitag, Gina Gargiulo, Jonathan Cedar, Paulette Bluhm-Sauriol and Steven Vordenberg
Client: OXO
Contact: Mercedes Coats:


OXO Tot Seedling Youth Booster Seat

Parents and kids alike desire a smooth transition from high chair to booster seat to big chair. This was OXO’s goal in designing a new booster seat. The extensive user testing showed that some kids have trouble keeping their balance in standard booster seats and are prone to falling backward. The booster needed to be portable to accommodate today’s on-the-go lifestyles. It also needed to fit in with any household environment. With the Tot Seedling Youth Booster Seat, OXO has extended universal design to the youngest generation with a foldable, portable booster seat that meets the needs of both kids and parents.

With the help of a comfortable three-cushioned seat, the OXO Tot Seedling Youth Booster Seat positions children three and up at the perfect height to join the family at the table. Since the Booster allows them to sit toward the chair’s front edge—their natural inclination—meals are now within reach and little legs can dangle comfortably over the cushion’s rounded front edge. With a mid-century modern aesthetic, it complements most households, fitting seamlessly into any kitchen or dining room environment.

Whether the family is headed to Grandma’s or a local restaurant, the Booster folds into itself, creating a compact plastic container. It is easy to carry by its integrated handle. The Booster backrest stays securely open by locking into place; it collapses in an instant with the push of a button. It even stands on its side for easy storage and is scaled perfectly for a diaper bag or large purse.

The Booster’s backrest supports toddlers in any position on any type of dining chair. Secure grips on the bottom of the Booster keep the child safe and the seat in place. The removable crevice-free soft-skin urethane cushion was designed to facilitate cleaning; it is resistant to spills and is a cinch to wipe down. BPA-, Phthalate- and PVC-free, the OXO Tot Seedling Youth Booster Seat keeps everyone—especially children—safe and healthy.

Credits: Smart Design: Brook Kennedy, Colin Kelly, Charlie Paradise, Steven Vordenberg and Gina Gargiulo
Corporate Sponsor: OXO
Contact: Mercedes Coats: