Soma Water Filter

The compostable Soma Water Filter is designed for use in a glass pitcher. The plant-based filter casing contains sustainable materials, Malaysian coconut shell carbon and fine silk. Through Soma’s partnership with Charity: Water, each purchase of a filter helps bring clean, safe drinking water to those in need. Filters are delivered through a subscription service.

Designed by Michael Miller, IDSA, Ryan Hall, IDSA, and Bennett Daley of Radius Product Development; and Markus Diebel and Joe Tan of Moreless for Soma

Contact: Michael Miller -


Dual Door-in-Door

The four-door Dual Door-in-Door refrigerator features three zones. Within one door, the professional zone is designed for storing condiments; on the other side, the casual zone provides quick access to beverages or snacks. Behind these, the mega-capacity zone is the largest. Each door-in-door space can be reached from the front and back, allowing users to access all three zones at once.

Designed by Woonkyu Seo, Jinwon Kang , Daesung Lee, Sungkyong Han and Junyi Heo of LG Electronics, Inc.

Contact: Gihyeon(Tina) Lee -


Public Capsule

Public Capsule is a water bottle made of biodegradable plastic derived from corn starch and coffee grounds. This product is also associated with a campaign for Africa. Even now Malaria kills an African child every 30 seconds. For each purchase of Public Capsule, antimalaria pills will be provided to those in need. 

Designed by Jun Seo Lee of ecojun company

Contact: Jun-Seo Lee -



The Belle-V ice cream scoop is a solid aluminum scoop with a classic, ergonomic design that is made to last. The angled head works with the natural rolling action of a user’s wrist to give maximum leverage to easily scoop the hardest ice cream. The spade-shaped edge helps users get into those hard-to-reach corners at the bottom of the ice cream container. 

Designed by Jeff Salazar, IDSA, Karl Ulrich, Alan Cook, Gerard Furbershaw, Jeff Smith, Junggi Sung and Ken Wood of Belle-V

Contact: Naomi Kieser -


PLANO Tableware Collection

The PLANO Tableware Collection features porcelain tableware that blends modern design with a traditional brand. Conceived for the hotel market, but also available to the gourmet consumer market, the collection includes a variety of plates and serving dishes to suit different cuisines and occasions.

Designed by Defne Koz of Koz Susani Design for Mitterteich

Contact: Huseyin Dogruoz -



The WW9000HE is a washing machine that provides unprecedented, distinctive functions that raise user convenience. With a 30 millimeter larger drum for a typical 24-inch washing machine, the user can easily unload laundry without having to bend down. The auto dispenser measures the dirt level and size of each batch and automatically injects the detergent.

Designed by Kangdoo Kim, Chulyong Cho, Seonju Lee, Jongsu Jeon, Jinnam Kim, Joonho Lee, Yekyung Yoo and Sanghun Yoon of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.; and Chris Bangle of Chris Bangle Associates SRL

Contact: Yoonsil Kim -


The Oracle

The Oracle is an automatic espresso machine designed to solve the tricky aspects of making quality espresso at home by automating the most difficult tasks: grinding, dosing, tamping and milk texturing. The integrated burr grinder and rotary tamp dose and press in one simple hands-free operation.

Designed by Robert Grassia, Daniel Corkin, Richard Hoare and Breville Group

Contact: Robert Grassia -



TriScale is a digital folding scale designed to save space in the kitchen. When open, its three arms provide a stable platform on which to place bowls and other items for weighing. When closed, the unit folds down to a compact size, enclosing and protecting the screen and controls, which makes it perfect for storing in a kitchen drawer.

Designed by Bill Holding and Ben Cox of Morph Ltd. and Joseph Joseph Ltd. 

Contact: Elisa Barnard -


Eternal Glass

The Eternal Glass line of glassware is handcrafted in Tokyo with a rational configuration for easy holding and drinking. The glass itself is recycled and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Each glass comes in a set with an originally designed and crafted case for storage.

Designed by Shigenori Asakura, I/IDSA of GK Industrial Design Inc. and Hiroshi Miwa of Wired Beans Inc

Contact: Shiganori Asakura -,


OSORO Open Tableware System

The OSORO, Open Tableware System emphasizes the highly functional design and formal openness. It aims at presenting a straightforward food-saving solution for everyday life as it adapts easily to users’ changing demands and lifestyles. The tableware items are compact in design and easy to stack and offer users a multitude of individual variations and combinations.

Designed by Manabu Tago and Hiroko Tago of MTDO Inc.

Contact: Yasuji Akamatsu -