AnXiang YunNan Steam Pot

YunNan Steam Pot is an electric steam pot adopting an ancient cooking method from Yunnan, China. Its crater-type steam holes in the center of the internal pot quickly generate plenty of steam to heat food while maintaining the original flavor of the food. The pot combines this cooking method with modern electronic technology and adopts an ancient utensil model as its inspiration for appearance.

Designed by: Hou Jieping, Yang Ching Hsiung, Zhang Chunyu, Li Dexiang, Zhao Yingmei and Yang Yong of Midea Consumer Electric  Mfg. Co., Ltd.


Sub-Zero Integrated Refrigeration

Sub-Zero Integrated Refrigeration is a system of 23 (plus additional SKUs) refrigeration/freezer products that preserves food and wine to their maximum potential and can be integrated into any room in a home. The refrigeration products provide kitchen designers and architects with the maximum amount of flexibility for contemporary, transitional or traditional home environments. The products may be featured with ultra clean stainless steel enclosures or integrated into any style of wood cabinetry, whether European or domestic.

Designed by: Cesaroni Design and Sub-Zero Engineering and Management 


Hot Blast Combi Oven

The Hot Blast Combi Oven offers a completely new design and different functions from existing microwave ovens.  Hotblast, coming from the inner ceiling of the Hot Blast Combi Oven, heats food directly and allows for much quicker cooking and a far better taste and texture. Users can experience the world of professional cooking as if they were working with an expensive, high-end oven. The Hot Blast Combi Oven design generates a luxurious look compatible with professional cooking—with simple lines rather than exaggerations.

Designed by: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Home Appliance


The Breville Boss™ High Velocity Superblender

The Breville Boss™ is a versatile blender that extends itself beyond just making beverages—turning fruits such as whole apples, bananas, kale and spinach into delicious, creamy, smooth drinks without lumps or bumps. The blender can even turn frozen watermelon, strawberries and lime into silky frozen sorbet; whole almonds, linseed and chia seeds into nut butter; and peas and mint into steaming hot soup. The Boss™ uses patented Pro-Kinetix™ technology with wide, stainless steel, tri-blades—offset to a bowl surface that eliminates dead zones. Its sweeper blades move food up and around the jug while cutting and whipping. Central blades crush and chop, pulling in ingredients and aerating. This achieves a continual folding action, resulting in even blends.The Boss™ has variable speed control; two stir speeds for folding dry and wet ingredients; programmed settings and pause—giving full control to create excellent uniform blends. The settings remove guesswork from any blending task, making it simpler to use.

Designed by: Khon Thai, Mark Thomas, Richard Hoare, Warren Preston and Lochana Subasekara of Breville Group


Slim Sculpture

The world’s most stylish and slim water purifier is only 9cm wide. Its tankless structure improves hygiene—taking care of concerns over viruses. An easy-to-replace water filter system improves and enhances user convenience.

Designed by: Dongsu Kim and Dongwook Yoon for Tongyang Magic Inc.


Gravity Series

The Gravity Series of cookware consists of five pots in different sizes; a sauté pot; and two frying pans with a non-stick coating and a range of kitchen utensils. Each lid for the pots in the Eva Solo Gravity Series can rest on the edge of the pot, preventing sauce and water from dripping onto the table or worktop. It is possible to see the food in the pot because of the glass aperture. The lid also features a built-in steam vent as well as an integrated colander, making it much easier to drain the water from pasta and potatoes. Each pot has a sandwich base, comprising two layers of stainless steel encapsulating an aluminum layer for optimum heat distribution. The handles do not get hot. The series is suitable for all cooking methods including magnetic induction. The lids, pots and pans are dishwasher-safe.

Designed By: Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbaek of Tools® for Eva Solo A/S


IR D5 Food Dehydrator

The IR D5 Food Dehydrator is a small home appliance to dry fruits, vegetables and make fermented food such as yogurt and cheese. It stands apart because of its near infrared (NIR) lamp that dries foods as if they were basking in the sun, for less time than in ordinary food dehydrators. Or the food can be dried as if it was being dried in the shade. These two methods have different LED colors to let the users know which mode they are using. The door structure helps to maximize the dehydration efficiency as the remaining hot air inside circulates and maintains temperature uniformly. The trays where the foods are placed are made of stainless steel to enhance food safety. Lastly, the machine features a built-in, automatic humidity sensor.

Designed by: Jaeyoon Lee of L'Equip


Prolific Sink

The Prolific sink and its included accessories create a highly functional kitchen workstation. This innovative stainless steel sink is welded with basin ledges at three levels, so the bamboo cutting board; two, multi-purpose grated racks; colander; and washbin can be placed where needed for maximum efficiency. All five accessories are included with the sink, which also features a unique, cone-shaped drain for easier cleanup; 36-inch minimum base cabinet width; large single bowl; 10-inch depth providing generous workspace; SilentShield® sound absorption technology; and beveled cone-shape slopes into the drain for easier debris disposal.

Designed by: Kohler


Craft Beer Glasses

The Spiegelau Craft Beer Glass collection is comprised of three, custom-shaped glasses for the craft beer styles IPA (Indian Pale Ale), Stout and American Wheat Beer. Expertly crafted, tested and approved, the unique shape of each Spiegelau craft beer glass has been developed through a series of design and tasting workshops in collaboration with master brewers of leading American Craft Beer Breweries. Each glass successfully delivers the complexity of aromas of craft beers to the nose, while demonstrating the optimum beer texture, balance and flavor intensity on the palate.

Designed by: Spiegelau for Kristallglasfabrik Spiegelau GmbH


GE Micro Kitchen

In the last year alone, the number of new micro developments in urban areas has tripled compared to the last three years (74 new high rise projects). Demographics for millennials and baby boomers are actively shifting and we are starting to see a critical mass of people desiring smaller spaces. The team designed the Micro Kitchen with those consumers in mind. The full appliance suite fits into six linear feet, all under counter. There are three, 24” modules that handle the tasks of cooking, cooling and cleaning. Designed to blend seamlessly into compact settings, the micro kitchen delivers the power of full-sized appliances in a pint-sized package. All appliances are housed in drawers including a microwave oven, conventional oven, convertible refrigerator and freezer, dishwasher and an induction cooktop. A downdraft hood and kitchen sink with disposal complete the full kitchen experience. The micro kitchen integrates into your choice of cabinetry, so the design possibilities are endless.

Designed by: Ryan Diener and Marc Hottenroth, IDSA of GE