Prawn Peeler

Shrimp lovers, rejoice! Tupperware's Prawn Peeler kitchen tool makes it easy for you to peel and de-vein shrimp in one motion. Its vertical design splits the shell away from the shrimp’s body. An angled edge helps to remove the shrimp’s vein at the same time. The Prawn Peeler builds on Tupperware's longstanding brand of making beautiful, functional, quality products.

Designed by: Tupperware Worldwide Product Development Team

Contact: Sheila Lopez

Lodge Rust Resistant Cast Iron Cookware

Through a patented heat-treating process, Lodge’s new collection of Rust Resistant Cast Iron Cookware is the first that can withstand the dishwasher. The pieces have been carefully designed to reflect a more modern aesthetic and lower weight. This collection sizzles with a Dutch oven; two skillets; a grill pan; and a burner griddle.

Designed by: Kelly Peterson, Daniel Skolfield and Feroxxy-Aled of Lodge Cast Iron

Contact: Daniel Skolfield

DIAL+PLUS Water Purifier

DIAL PLUS + Water Purifier is a large-capacity, standing, cold/hot water dispenser for public or commercial spaces. You can fill your cup, bottle or pot with cold or hot water in one of two ways—both sanitary—by using a lever or a dial. It’s also an eco-friendly product—earning the highest energy efficiency grade in Korea.

Designed by: Dongsu Kim and Jongsoo Kim of TONGYANG Magic Inc.


BS 3 Personal Blender

L’EQUIP Co. Ltd.’s BS 3 personal blender is just right for small spaces and consumers who only want one or two cups of smoothies freshly made at a time. Its blades can be cleaned easily for a more sanitary environment. And while other blenders time “up,” BS 3 times down. See how long it takes to make the right consistency for your smoothie, and next time, set the appropriate time for your special recipe.

Designed by: Jaeyoon Lee, Youngwoo Lee, Sohyun Gang and Seunghee Lee of L'EQUIP Co., Ltd.

Contact: Jaeyoon Lee


With the iCE water filtration device you can more accurately monitor your drinking water, giving you confidence about its quality. Rather than relying on the imprecise method of using a timer to tell you when to replace the filter, iCE monitors the level of total dissolved solids, a surefire indication of when the filter has lost its effectiveness.

Designed by: KOHLER Shanghai studio - Electronics team


Concept Kitchen

The design of the Concept Kitchen is intended to enrich the kitchen and cooking landscape with an alternative that can meet the growing needs of future generations. Flexibility and open design are the main features of this modular system. The 10 basic modules give users the freedom to actively create their own kitchen configuration that best suits their lifestyle.

Designed by: Kilian Schindler for Naber GmbH, Nordhorn, Germany


Waterwall Dishwasher

Existing dishwashers use a rotary system in which the water nozzles rotate 360 degrees and sprays water upward. This dishwasher features WaterWall spray jets—a stationary “wall” of nozzles and a moving bar that deflects those jets upward. As the bar moves along its track, it creates a wall of water that travels back and forth, ensuring that every portion of the tub gets washed effectively. The result is a cleaner and quicker washing of dishes and kitchen utensils.

Designed by: Jae-Moon Lee, Jaejun Kim, JungKyung Kwack, JiKyoung Kim and Sally Hong of Samsung Electronics Ltd., Co.


Belle-V Bottle Opener

The Belle-V bottle opener is intended for anyone who needs to remove a pleated metal cap from a glass bottle. The lip of the opener is placed under the edge of the bottle cap. Leverage generated by the length of the handle is then employed to pry off the bottle cap—easier than ever.

Designed by: Jeff Salazar, Toby Stopper and JJ Mendoza of LUNAR for Belle-V LLC



GINO Collection

The GINO Collection provides essential tools for brewing and serving consistent, balanced coffee—at home or commercially. The GINO dripper is made from double-walled borosilicate glass, designed to regulate the coffee temperature during extraction. The handle-less profile elegantly tapers to fit any grip. The interior cone and the three holes at the bottom are engineered to ensure the optimal extraction for a clean and flavorful brewed coffee. The GINO server is made from the same double-walled borosilicate glass and holds two cups of brewed coffee. The handle-less server supports the GINO dripper, literally and aesthetically, creating a seamless profile. The GINO paper filter is designed specifically to fit the interior angle and flat base of the GINO dripper. The thick paper imparts no flavor to the coffee, and traps fine grounds, producing a cleaner brew than most conventional filters.

Designed by: Julie Smith-Clementi, Frank Clementi, Chiaki Kanda and Clancy Pearson of notNeutral


One Heart Pot

Reunion is the most important concept in Chinese culture, with family and friends especially bonding over meals that offer the “flavor of happiness.” Now, Cocera has produced a casserole pot made from potter’s clay and gravel sand to heighten the eating experience. The pot spreads even and long lasting heat to maintain original taste over time. The package is simple and environment-friendly—pottery products are kilned under 1200℃ without any toxic response; the design is aesthetically pleasing; the function is practical; the price is affordable.

Designed by: Yi-Cheng Hsieh, Yun-Tao Hsieh, Zhe-Xun Pang and Cyuan-Yi You of 3+2 Design Studio for Cocera