One-Burner Portable Induction Hob CTN431SC0


The CTN431SC0 is a compact one-burner induction hob. Its portability and easy-to-use interface let users enjoy and share the fun of cooking and eating with friends and family inside or out. And its soft rounded shapes, recessed controls and translucent body generate a harmonious aesthetic—no clunky dials and no unsightly seams. With five different available colors, home cooks will be able to select the perfect cook top to match any kitchen décor.

The CTN431SC0 was designed with the intent of providing leisure to people who lead busy lives. The portability of the induction hob is central to its convenience. Slim, ergonomically smooth lines were used for the design in consideration of portability and mobility. The eco-friendly induction technology is highly efficient, saving energy, and can be easily used anywhere, anytime without any discharge of harmful gases.

Based on a user-centered design and eco-friendly technologies, the design of the CTN431SC0 minimized all unnecessary elements to increase usability. Aesthetic elements were maximized to produce a simple exterior that strikes harmony with the surrounding environment no matter where it is placed. When in off mode, the CTN431SC0 demurely stands on any countertop or cook surface. When turned on, the subtle illumination scheme highlights the controls while still maintaining its simple elegance.

The ergonomically shaped base sits comfortably in the hand as users cup the base when adjusting the controls. The recessed touch-wheel control places the highest priority on convenience, letting users intuitively choose the burner power level by easily gliding their fingers around the recessed dial. When interacting with the controls, the glass surface offers a pleasing tactile experience. This glossy surface also repels food stains and is easy to clean. The bottom parting line was designed for cooking safety; it prevents internal water leaks and enables easy product repair.

Credit: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.,Gilock Lee and JungKyung Kwack
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