GINO Collection


The GINO Collection provides essential tools for brewing and serving consistent, balanced coffee—at home or commercially. The GINO dripper is made from double-walled borosilicate glass, designed to regulate the coffee temperature during extraction. The handle-less profile elegantly tapers to fit any grip. The interior cone and the three holes at the bottom are engineered to ensure the optimal extraction for a clean and flavorful brewed coffee. The GINO server is made from the same double-walled borosilicate glass and holds two cups of brewed coffee. The handle-less server supports the GINO dripper, literally and aesthetically, creating a seamless profile. The GINO paper filter is designed specifically to fit the interior angle and flat base of the GINO dripper. The thick paper imparts no flavor to the coffee, and traps fine grounds, producing a cleaner brew than most conventional filters.

Designed by: Julie Smith-Clementi, Frank Clementi, Chiaki Kanda and Clancy Pearson of notNeutral