Diaolou Cast Iron Pot Sets

Featured Finalist

Cast iron pots have long held cultural significance in Asia, but posed a risk of scalding to the user from boiling water that may escape while the pots are being used, and frustration with the amount of space they take up in the kitchen. Now, Diaolou is attracting a new generation of cast iron pot users by making the traditional cookware safer and more space saving. Diaolou cast iron pots have a creative vapor venting system to prevent hot water from spilling over. They also stack easily to save space and time.

Designed by: Wen WeiCai, Tan WeiTao, Lin BingTa, Xu JingTing and Su BaiLin of AEZM for Jiangmen Shenglong Ironware Co. Ltd

Contact: Wen W. Cai