The Breville Boss™ High Velocity Superblender


The Breville Boss™ is a versatile blender that extends itself beyond just making beverages—turning fruits such as whole apples, bananas, kale and spinach into delicious, creamy, smooth drinks without lumps or bumps. The blender can even turn frozen watermelon, strawberries and lime into silky frozen sorbet; whole almonds, linseed and chia seeds into nut butter; and peas and mint into steaming hot soup. The Boss™ uses patented Pro-Kinetix™ technology with wide, stainless steel, tri-blades—offset to a bowl surface that eliminates dead zones. Its sweeper blades move food up and around the jug while cutting and whipping. Central blades crush and chop, pulling in ingredients and aerating. This achieves a continual folding action, resulting in even blends.The Boss™ has variable speed control; two stir speeds for folding dry and wet ingredients; programmed settings and pause—giving full control to create excellent uniform blends. The settings remove guesswork from any blending task, making it simpler to use.

Designed by: Khon Thai, Mark Thomas, Richard Hoare, Warren Preston and Lochana Subasekara of Breville Group