Verona Wall

Zephyr’s Verona Wall has elevated the ventilation hood’s presence in the kitchen by bringing design, innovation and technology to the forefront. It features a combination of sophisticated style, energy-efficient technology and powerful performance. It includes easy-to-use minimal controls and a straight floating-glass canopy that also acts as an LED light display.

Designed by: Luke Siow and Jeremy Snider

Contact: Erica Tapiarene

Limited Edition Okeanito

The Limited Edition Okeanito is a testament to designer Fu-Tung Cheng’s ability to capture the perfect marriage of timeless design and a balanced aesthetic. Available in Rose Gold and Black Mirror Stainless is for consumers that gravitate toward an eclectic style and crave a design out of the “stainless steel box”.

Designed by: Fu-Tung Cheng

Contact: Erica Tapiarene

The Perfect Serve Collection

Spiegelau has created a bar ware series for those who live and work to an extraordinary standard: The Perfect Serve Collection by Stephan Hinz. The 12 glasses cater to the needs and demands of a modern bar—expertly sized to accommodate every cocktail and beverage—classic, inventive or whimsical. Blending tradition with contemporary-cut decoration, the glasses reveal drink composition. From the brilliant optics to durable weight to the sound of the glasses in cheers—all senses are stimulated. The glasses fit into off-the-shelf coolers for pre-cooling and are extremely resistant to scratches and breakage, as well as dishwasher safe.

Contact: Rita K. Bihler

Beale Selectronic Pull-Down

The Beale Selectronic Pull-Down faucet offers hand-free, touchless control—when desired—while showcasing striking design lines and superb performance. Users can switch easily from touchless operation to manual operation, by simply sliding a door on the front of the faucet spout to cover the electronic sensor. Delivering effortless wave-on/wave-off functionality, this faucet helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination in food prep and provides ease of operation when hands are full. Selectronic places the user in complete control over common kitchen tasks—offering two spray patterns, stream and spray and a pause feature that’s useful when filling a large container outside the sink.

Designed by: Jean-Jacques L’Henaff, Gabriela Ravassa, Greg Reinecker and Emilie Williams

Contact: Nora DePalma

MIJIA Induction Heating & Micro Pressure Rice Cooker

Mijia IH & Micro Pressure Rice Cooker is designed for modern families with a minimalism aesthetic style who want a friendly, user interface, touch panel for quick and intuitive operation—with a companion mobile device app that can expand and customize functions to cook tasty, soft and aromatic rice. Mijia uses induction heating and micro pressure technology with a cast iron inner pot to achieve optimum results.

Designed by: Xiaomi Inc.

Contact: Yuan Cheng

Mi Tap Water Purifier

Mi Tap Water Purifier takes filtration to the next level when it comes to installation, anti-leakage, ease of use and of course—water quality. Mi Tap innovatively integrates complex water channels into one. It takes only five minutes to install Mi Tap on a sink to remove 99 percent of contaminants in the water. Users can monitor Mi Tap’s purification levels; remaining filter life; and water volume with an app. 

Designed by: Xiaomi Inc.

Contact: Yuan Cheng

Diaolou Cast Iron Pot Sets

Cast iron pots have long held cultural significance in Asia, but posed a risk of scalding to the user from boiling water that may escape while the pots are being used, and frustration with the amount of space they take up in the kitchen. Now, Diaolou is attracting a new generation of cast iron pot users by making the traditional cookware safer and more space saving. Diaolou cast iron pots have a creative vapor venting system to prevent hot water from spilling over. They also stack easily to save space and time.

Designed by: Wen WeiCai, Tan WeiTao, Lin BingTa, Xu JingTing and Su BaiLin of AEZM for Jiangmen Shenglong Ironware Co. Ltd

Contact: Wen W. Cai


Hobtop is a four-burner gas cooking appliance, which can either be used as a freestanding cooktop or installed as a hob after purchase. It is designed and marketed to be a responsible choice for long-term use by the emerging middle-class consumers in major cities of developing world, where because of sporadic electric supply, gas is still a more reliable source of fuel. Compared to any existing burner in the market, Hobtop's burners are designed for more than 70 percent thermal efficiency, with 50 percent reduction in carbon emissions. It also uses significantly less, but better, components for manufacturing and assembly.

Designed by: Dyutiman Moulik of INCUE for TTK Prestige Limited

Contact: Dinesh Garg

Kelvin Coffee Bean Roaster Concept

The craft coffee movement has formed new rituals with a beverage that has been around for centuries. From purchasing craft beans to hand grinding and using artisanal brewing methods, there have never been more options to enjoy or find self-expression in coffee. Yet, there was no widely accessible way to control the roast of the beans that go into that ritual. Now, with Kelvin Coffee Bean Roaster Concept, there is an easy way to roast fresh beans at home. In just a few minutes on your countertop, custom roast beans in small batches that are ready to grind, brew and enjoy!

Designed by: Dan Kraemer, Luis Velasquez, Luke Westra, Derek Smith and Sean Sanders of IA Collaborative

Contact: Lila J. Trickle

Biofuel Clean Cookstove

More than 80 percent of the world still uses a furnace fueled by firewood for cooking. Fumes and soot can cause health and environmental problems; time is wasted and forests are drained in search of the firewood. The Biofuel Clean Cookstove applies a new, combustion technology to previously used cooking oil, or oil extracted from plants. It is easy to ignite; the heat is adjustable; and the risk of fire danger is low because it is extinguished automatically when more than the appropriate amount of fire is used, and has a protective cap around the burner.

Designed by: Cho Sung Hwan of UNICHEST Co., Ltd

Contact: Sunghwan Cho