Interactive Product Experiences

FlightPath: An In-Flight Entertainment Design Concept for Panasonic Avionics

FlightPath is an iconic in-flight experience that integrates relevant trip information with entertainment, providing airline passengers with a three-dimensional, touch-based software experience that allows them to "travel" between information destinations (e.g., points of interest passing below you in real time, or the cities you will be leaving and flying to throughout your trip).  With FlightPath, you can plan activities around your destination or layover, booking entertainment and services on the ground, even before you arrive. You can also create entertainment activities to fit within your remaining flight time, including movies, multiplayer games or enjoy a real-time slideshow of photos and rich content points of interest passing below.

Contact: Ken Fry:

Credit: Martijn Van Tilburg, Jennifer Darmour, Scott Smith, Josh Hinds and Daniel Goddemeyer of Artefact; and Markus Wierzoch, Joe Sullivan and Fernd van Engelen of Carbon Design Group for Panasonic Avionics Corp.

Microsoft® Project 2010

Microsoft Project 2010 is a software product that makes project planning easier than ever before. It provides intuitive tools that allow information workers around the world to create, manage and share any kind of project plan. Its design abstracts core planning concepts and introduces a clean and compelling visual language; by doing so it helps people get familiar with project planning quickly and intuitively.

Contact: Danielle Hamel:

Credit: Microsoft Office Design Group and Microsoft Project Team of Microsoft Corporation

Vitality GlowCaps

GlowCaps help people take important medications every day. The Internet-connected caps fit on existing prescription pill bottles and raise medication adherence.  The GlowCap uses light and sound to signal when it is time to take any daily medication. If the bottle is not opened after a few hours, a call reminds the patient. GlowCaps also help with refills by connecting a patient to their pharmacy as pills deplete.  They are different from automated pill dispensers or reminder services because they address each of the root, behavioral causes of non-adherence.

Contact: Alexandra Hastings:

Credit: David Rose, Joshua Wachman, Gerd Schmieta and Jamie Biggar of Vitality Inc.

Ovi Suite 2.0

Ovi Suite 2.0 is a desktop software application that connects your Nokia mobile phone to your PC and the services offered by The free app makes it easy for you to add and back up the files stored on your phone — contacts, messages, music, maps, photos, videos, etc. — and keep your phone’s functionality current with the latest updates to its firmware (i.e., operating system). Ovi Suite 2.0 is a simplified, more accessible version of a product introduced by Nokia in 2007.

Contact: Katie Clark:

Credit: Ovi Suite Design Team of Nokia (Finland) and IDEO Design Team for Nokia (Finland)

Lexmark Desktop UI Strategy

The Lexmark Desktop UI Strategy helped Lexmark reach new consumers who have high printing and copying needs but low tolerance for complexity. Lexmark’s control panels were bogged down with buttons and seldom-used features that were confusing to set up and use. Our new UI strategy creates an interactive product experience and achieves simplicity through a purposeful hierarchy of buttons and menus. Most-used features are organized sequentially across the top of the control panel, allowing users to work intuitively from left to right. Unused buttons are eliminated so that 90 percent of functions can be completed with six key buttons.

Contact: Julia Carpenter:

Credit: Ziba and Lexmark


(RED)WIRE is a digital music service that raises awareness and money for fighting AIDS in Africa while building a community of interconnected users. Each week, it delivers two songs (one from a major artist and one from an emerging artist), plus a fun or inspiring piece that’s not music (a digital short, photography or a reading from artists, actors and others).  As tunes travel the (RED)WIRE network, listeners can add their own images, words and phrases. They can track contributions and content from friends and family by linking (RED)WIRE to their existing social networks, letting users see the collective impact of their network on HIV and AIDS in Africa.

Contact: Katie Clark:

Credit: IDEO Design Team for (RED)


The ability to see what a person’s tongue is doing while speaking has been the goal of speech professionals for decades.  Historically, they have used techniques that range from coating the student’s tongue with a mixture of honey and charcoal powder, to using flashlights and tongue depressors in an effort to aid those with speech difficulties.  The Palatometer tool is revolutionary, enabling you to see what an individual’s tongue is doing without the need to coat it. The Palatometer allows you to see real-time continuous and isolated speech production versus one sound at a time with the tongue-coating method, and it also gives you the ability to model what the correct tongue-to-palate contact should be. The ability to see these contacts in real-time has proven highly effective in teaching and training individuals with speech disorders.

"It's very encouraging to see a speech therapy product that helps patients see, hear, understand and compare what they are doing to what they need to do.  In reviewing this entry, I was really impressed with the collaborative, egalitarian relationship the product helped build between patient and therapist too as it positions them side by side and engages both parties with the fitted Palatometer. All of these factors seem to de-stigmatize the therapy and contribute to patient success."  --Michelle Berryman, IDSA, Echo Visualization LLC

Contact: Michael Horito:

Credit: Michael Horito, IDSA, John R. Omdahl, Lee Croy, Mark Schulte and Bryan Sparks of Rocketship, Inc., and Andy May of CompleteSpeech

Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer User Experience

An IT network system consists of many devices (servers, network switches and external storage).  A device failure often leads to total network failure, which can cause downtime and possible financial loss for a business.  For greatest effectiveness, the IT manager needs to understand the health status of each individual device as well as the total system in order to pinpoint the root cause of device failure and repair it.  This product takes the Human Centered Design approach based on realistic use cases, providing a “Topological List View” which shows the health status and connectivity of each device in one topological interface as well as “Root Cause Analysis,” which identifies the root cause of the problems.

Contact: Takao Oosawa:

Credit: Kazuhisa Machida, Tsutomu Fujii, Takahiro Inada, Masahide Ban of Hitachi, Ltd., Design Division (Japan); Yoshihiro Arato, Yuji Mizote, Takahiro Fujita, Takeshi Arisaka of Hitachi, Ltd., Software Division (Japan); Tetsuya Masuishi, Saurabh (Manu) Batra of Hitachi Data Systems


Virtual Wallet for PNC Financial Services Group

PNC Financial Services Group provides retail banking, corporate/institutional banking, and asset- management services to more than 2.9 million people in the eastern US. Eager to make lifelong customers from the emerging Generation Y market, PNC developed Virtual Wallet, a suite of banking products for these 70 million young, tech-savvy consumers.  Virtual Wallet provides customers with seamless access to their finances and intuitive, tangible, and direct control of their money.  Centered on electronic transactional banking, Virtual Wallet is designed to promote and optimize banking activities with features, visualizations, and a web site that supports the Gen Y customers. It also includes a mobile application based on the same design language and structure as the web site, only adapted to small screens.

"Virtual Wallet is a truly integrated money management system that reflects the type of service consumers need and want from their bank. It simplifies budgeting, bill payment, saving and goal setting by holistically showing users where they are financially at any given moment. It helps users understand their financial health without being pushy or condescending or relying on industry jargon and terminology.  I suspect most of us would benefit from this product - especially in our current economy."  --Michelle Berryman, IDSA, Echo Visualization LLC

Contact: Katie Clark:

Credit:Ana Amorim, Dario Buzzini, Michael Chapman, Peter Ehling, Mark Jones, Jin Ko, Lea Miller, Hal Monson, Michelle Moy, Dave Vondle and Jon Wettersten for IDEO; and Tom Kunz, Joan Gulley, Mark Hendrix, Dennis Henn, Bryan Mackrell, Chris Johns, Matt Steenson and Mike Ley for PNC Financial Services Group

Balloonimals interactive children's games for mobile devices

Balloonimals is an interactive game for the iPad and iPhone that, through touch activation, lets young children and their parents bring digital balloon animals to life. It features simple controls, high-quality 3D renderings and animation, playful sound effects (squeaks, quacks, roars) and a variety of creatures that randomly cycle through every time the game is played.

Credits: IDEO Design Team

Contact: Katie Clark: