litl OS

Litl OS is the web-oriented operating system powering the litl webbook and it is designed to remove the barriers between you and web content.  It is extremely simple to use and eliminates the clutter and distractions of traditional computer interfaces, which have pre-web origins.  It is entirely maintenance-free: upgrades are done automatically overnight via the internet; the user need never install another service pack or antiviral upgrade again.  Litl OS' unique design allows maximum use of screen area while keeping different web sessions open as cards. Touching the litl home key or clicking the litl logo always takes the user to card view, showing open cards, or web sessions.

Contact: Aaron Tang:

Credit: John Chuang, Aaron Tang, Chris Bambacus, Chris Moody, Havoc Pennington, Eben Eliason and Ron Frank of litl; Daniel Kuo, David Fore, Jenea Hayes and Noah Guyot of Cooper; and Christian Marc Schmidt and Lisa Strausfeld of Pentagram