Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer User Experience

An IT network system consists of many devices (servers, network switches and external storage).  A device failure often leads to total network failure, which can cause downtime and possible financial loss for a business.  For greatest effectiveness, the IT manager needs to understand the health status of each individual device as well as the total system in order to pinpoint the root cause of device failure and repair it.  This product takes the Human Centered Design approach based on realistic use cases, providing a “Topological List View” which shows the health status and connectivity of each device in one topological interface as well as “Root Cause Analysis,” which identifies the root cause of the problems.

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Credit: Kazuhisa Machida, Tsutomu Fujii, Takahiro Inada, Masahide Ban of Hitachi, Ltd., Design Division (Japan); Yoshihiro Arato, Yuji Mizote, Takahiro Fujita, Takeshi Arisaka of Hitachi, Ltd., Software Division (Japan); Tetsuya Masuishi, Saurabh (Manu) Batra of Hitachi Data Systems