FlightPath: An In-Flight Entertainment Design Concept for Panasonic Avionics

FlightPath is an iconic in-flight experience that integrates relevant trip information with entertainment, providing airline passengers with a three-dimensional, touch-based software experience that allows them to "travel" between information destinations (e.g., points of interest passing below you in real time, or the cities you will be leaving and flying to throughout your trip).  With FlightPath, you can plan activities around your destination or layover, booking entertainment and services on the ground, even before you arrive. You can also create entertainment activities to fit within your remaining flight time, including movies, multiplayer games or enjoy a real-time slideshow of photos and rich content points of interest passing below.

Contact: Ken Fry: ken@artefactgroup.com

Credit: Martijn Van Tilburg, Jennifer Darmour, Scott Smith, Josh Hinds and Daniel Goddemeyer of Artefact; and Markus Wierzoch, Joe Sullivan and Fernd van Engelen of Carbon Design Group for Panasonic Avionics Corp.