Amplifit3 Interactive Hearing Assessment Tool

Hearing difficulties are different for everyone. Some people have difficulties understanding low-pitched tones, others high-pitched tones; some people don't hear the phone ringing and others can't understand what’s being said on TV. In the same way, the solution is different for everyone. For this reason, in addition to using traditional audiometric tests, Amplifit also tests with real-life scenes, using high quality video clips about 30 seconds long. The test is carried out interactively, with the client and the hearing-aid specialist sitting side by side.

Contact: Amy Quigley: Credit:Fabio Di Liberto and Matteo Visentin of Continuum, Milan (Italy) and Manuela Genesio and Haluk Terzioglu of Amplifon, s.p.a. (Italy) Client:Amplifon, s.p.a. (Italy)