Interactive Product Experiences

BenQ MID Aries2

Mobile Internet Device (MID) Aries2 brings a new level of convenience to Internet users. Its ultra-light weight makes it highly mobile, but the challenges of designing for (and using) a small screen were overcome through smart interactive design. By simply shaking the device, all open windows can be displayed and accessed. Flip the device vertically or horizontally and use the finger or a stylus to type, zoom and control the interface. Web browsing, viewing pictures and reading documents can be operated with the flick of a finger.

Contact: Peter Tuan: Credit: BenQ Corporation (Taiwan) Client:

Sugar User Interface for One Laptop per Child

The Sugar interface was developed for One Laptop per Child, a nonprofit initiative to put laptops in the hands of children from developing countries. Its development required a complete rethinking of the traditional desktop interface, not only in relation to the educational needs of children, but also so that the interface could be intuitive across international cultural boundaries. In addition, the interface had to be appropriate for those of varying ages with no previous computer experience. As such, the interface utilizes familiar graphic icons, consisting primarily of body metaphors, to represent individual classmates, friends and teachers. All are linked by a localized mesh network that interconnects laptops within range.

Contact: Kurt Koepfle: Credit: Pentagram Design, One Laptop per Child and Red Hat Client:

Mobility Vision Integration Process -

The Mobility Vision Integration Process (mVIP) investigates ways that expert designers can support and accelerate dialogue about the future of sustainable mobility. It was developed to enable teams of creative people charged with designing viable future mobility solutions to deal with wide-ranging, unpredictable and disparate issues and spot otherwise unforeseen opportunities. The base version of mVIP is a deck of cards, which supports rapid future scenario development on the topic of sustainable mobility so that groups and individuals can quickly brainstorm about possible outcomes, solutions and strategies. The online version is an interactive version of the physical cards that can be used by individuals or in workshop settings. It replicates the 109 cards in 11 categories in the physical deck. Visitors to the Web site can generate random "hands" of cards to facilitate the Vision Integration Process.

Contact: Christine Hanson: Credit: Art Center College of Design Client:

Hamilton Medical G5 GUI

Hamilton Medical recognized that they had a significant opportunity to simplify the interaction between the hospital caregiver and the ICU ventilator, eliminating many of the chances of human error in the process of delivering respiratory care. The Hamilton-G5 is the first ICU patient ventilator to provide a new Ventilation Cockpit that is designed to improve safety through intuitive operation and monitoring. Closed-loop ventilation automatically applies lung-protective strategies, reduces the risk of operator error and promotes early weaning off the machine.

Contact: Paolo Rovida: Credit: Continuum (Italy) Client: Hamilton Medical AG (Switzerland)

iCASTS Advanced Safety and Training Simulator / AVIE - Advanced Visualisation and Interaction Environment / iDOME

iCinema Advanced Safety and Training Simulators (iCASTS) provide a series of immersive virtual environment simulators and an interactive control system for training employees from industries such as coal mining. Similar to a sophisticated computer game, iCASTS recreates environments for various training scenarios.

"A thoughtful approach to immersive learning environments that does not overwhelm with architectural edifice. The potential applications are a class apart."

--August de los Reyes, IDSA, creative director, Windows Platform Core Innovation Team, Microsoft Surface

Contact: Claudia Bonifer: Credit:UNSW iCinema Research Centre (Australia) and Tiller Design Pty Ltd (Australia) Client:University of New South Wales (Australia) and Mines Rescue Pty Ltd (Australia)

Amplifit3 Interactive Hearing Assessment Tool

Hearing difficulties are different for everyone. Some people have difficulties understanding low-pitched tones, others high-pitched tones; some people don't hear the phone ringing and others can't understand what’s being said on TV. In the same way, the solution is different for everyone. For this reason, in addition to using traditional audiometric tests, Amplifit also tests with real-life scenes, using high quality video clips about 30 seconds long. The test is carried out interactively, with the client and the hearing-aid specialist sitting side by side.

Contact: Amy Quigley: Credit:Fabio Di Liberto and Matteo Visentin of Continuum, Milan (Italy) and Manuela Genesio and Haluk Terzioglu of Amplifon, s.p.a. (Italy) Client:Amplifon, s.p.a. (Italy)

Impact: Efficiency for the Smart Grid

“Impact” is a series of design proposals that help consumers improve their residential energy efficiency by exposing and helping manage consumption in encouraging ways. Our concepts leverage Smart Grid capabilities like electricity price information and smart appliances along with knowledge of design for effective behavioral change. Our solutions would raise awareness, inform decisions as they're made, provide motivation for change, and even provide new capability without adding extra effort or inconvenience. While others have focused on the motivated minority, we have emphasized convenience and usefulness.

Contact: Ken Fry:

Credit: Dave McColgin and Scott Smith of Artefact; and Jonas Buck and Johanna Schoemaker of Carbon Design Group

Sonos Controller 200

The Sonos Controller CR200 is a touch screen remote control for the Sonos Multi-Room Music System.  The Sonos Multi-Room system is a wireless music system. Products called "ZonePlayers" are placed in each room of the house where a user wants to play music. The user can then control what music plays in each room using a handheld Sonos Controller. The system is completely flexible--the same music can be played in all the zones at the same time (party mode), or different music can be played in different rooms or any combination of rooms.

Contact: Thomas Meyer:

Credit: Sonos Design Team of Sonos, Inc., Y-Studios Design Team of Y-Studios, and Artefact for Sonos, Inc.

litl OS

Litl OS is the web-oriented operating system powering the litl webbook and it is designed to remove the barriers between you and web content.  It is extremely simple to use and eliminates the clutter and distractions of traditional computer interfaces, which have pre-web origins.  It is entirely maintenance-free: upgrades are done automatically overnight via the internet; the user need never install another service pack or antiviral upgrade again.  Litl OS' unique design allows maximum use of screen area while keeping different web sessions open as cards. Touching the litl home key or clicking the litl logo always takes the user to card view, showing open cards, or web sessions.

Contact: Aaron Tang:

Credit: John Chuang, Aaron Tang, Chris Bambacus, Chris Moody, Havoc Pennington, Eben Eliason and Ron Frank of litl; Daniel Kuo, David Fore, Jenea Hayes and Noah Guyot of Cooper; and Christian Marc Schmidt and Lisa Strausfeld of Pentagram

John L. Scott Website and Application Concept

This is a next generation real estate concept for Pacific Northwest real estate brokerage John L. Scott (sponsored in part by Microsoft). The concept consists of a web site and application that help buyers, sellers and agents through today’s home buying and selling process.  The web site and application bring together information from multiple sources and provide buyers and sellers with sophisticated tools for finding, storing, organizing and analyzing real estate information as well as sharing it with others. It is intended to create a more unified experience and foster a collaborative relationship between sellers, buyers and agents.

Contact: Ken Fry:

Credit: Sabrina Boler, Jennifer Darmour, Agnieszka Girling, and Jesse Graupmann of Artefact for John L. Scott and Microsoft