Smart Water Purifier

The Smart Water Purifier was developed for the Indian market. It uses DIY filter replacement and smart app control technology and removes 99.9% pollutants in the water.

Designed by: Keliang Xun, Weiwei Chen, Qing Li and Ruijiang Wang of Xiaomi Inc. and Yibo Gao of Foshan Viomi Electrical Technology

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Melitta Senz V

With the Melitta Senz V smart pour-over coffeemaker, gourmet coffee drinkers can ensure the precise weight of the coffee, amount of water, brewing time, water temperature, coffee extraction, and ultimately the taste.

Designed by: LDA Design Team for Melitta

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The CHP-8300R reverse osmosis water filter was designed to be shown off. It features a compact size and a built-in look with straight lines, colors, and materials that harmonize with the kitchen.

Designed by: Hyunjoo Song, Jin Kyu Seo and Bo Seong Seo of COWAY CO., LTD.

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The AP-1220B is an air purifier designed for small spaces of 40 square meters. The front vent purifies and circulates air efficiently, even in small spaces. 

Designed by: Hyunjoo Song, Park Eung Kyu, Choi Jong Ho and Shin Su Min of COWAY CO., LTD.

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AP-1019D (Icon)

The AP-1019 is an air purifier designed for the millennial generation who enjoy decorating their homes. It uses a furniture motif to present a warm image rather than a mechanical look.

Designed by: Hyunjoo Song, Kim Mikyung, Choi JongHo, Lee Sulki, Kim Gahee and Han Seo Ree of COWAY CO., LTD.

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This economical cartridge air purifier was designed for small spaces of 33 square meters. The filters easily detach for convenient cleaning or replacement. 

Designed by: Hyunjoo Song, Miyeon Kyung, and Jeongeun Park of COWAY CO., LTD.

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Compact Water purifier (CHP-6200N, CHP-6201N, CP-6201N)

This direct-flow water filtration device was tailored to Malaysian lifestyles, providing a reliable water solution by optimizing an 8-inch filter system for Malaysian water quality.

Designed by: Hyunjoo Song, Kyoung Hwa Maeng and Jiae Eum of COWAY CO., LTD.

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The APMS-1020A is a combined air purifier and humidifier focused on ease of use and convenience. The unit is easily cleaned and blends harmoniously into its environment, adding comfort to people’s lives.

Designed by: Hyunjoo Song, Kim Mi Kyung, Lee Sul Ki and Kim Ga Hee of COWAY CO., LTD.

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Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner strikes a balance between powerful functionality and a compact size. It offers 100 airwatt suction and avoids suction decline with cyclone-separation technology.

Designed by: Industrial Design Team of Mi Ecosystem (Li Ningning, Dou Wenbo) of Xiaomi Inc.

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