High-end foldable baseboard electric heater

This high-end foldable baseboard electric heater features a dual-spindle-motion mechanism designed to achieve any combination of angles from 0 to 180, making sure you stay warm no matter where you are sitting. In addition to warming your space in winter and on rainy days, it can also be used as a clothes dryer. Following the notion of simplifying complexity, its appearance is simple and elegant. Yet its use of materials suggests a high-end product, breaking away from the impression of electric heaters as cheap and clumsy. 

Designed by: Ke Mou, Sha Li, Luan Qin, Jingjing Wang and Qijian Yang of Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai

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GROHE SmartControl Kitchen

The SmartControl Kitchen collection reimagines the kitchen faucet experience with a new valve technology that transforms the user experience. The faucets offer intuitive operation by pushing and turning. To start the water flow, simply push the button at the faucet’s outlet, or use your elbow or wrist when both hands are full or unclean. For precise water flow, turn the ProGrip button right or left, from the economical eco setting to the powerful jet spray. Regulate the temperature with the mixing valve on the faucet’s body. 

Desiged by: Grohe In-house Design Team

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Ivy Pour-Over

The Ivy Pour-Over system is the first piece of Starbucks-designed store equipment to be offered as merchandise. The intent behind the Ivy Pour-Over was to distill the pour-over experience to the purest relationship of the cone, the cup, and the coffee that flows between them. By suspending the cone above the cup from the top edge rather that the bottom, the eye is drawn to the perfect stream of coffee flowing into the cup below. Ivy's metal cone helps maintain an even temperature, which ensures consistent beverage quality. Other features that make Ivy a pleasure to use are the drip tray plate, which mitigates splashing, and a size that sits perfectly on an Acaia scale. 

Designed by: Starbucks Industrial Design, Starbucks Global Equipment Development and PMI Worldwide for Starbucks Reserve®

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SMART 360 Air Purifier Series

The SMART 360 is an air purifier for home use that reflects soft minimalism and a user-oriented design. Anyone can use the product easily and conveniently with the intuitive user interface design. The combination of a two-tone color scheme with metal creates a luxurious sensibility that harmonizes with various interior environments. Through the internal IoT chip, users can conveniently use and manage the product with a smartphone anytime, anywhere. The filter is monitored with RFID technology, which informs the user when it is time for the filter to be replaced, a simple task that takes only 20 seconds.

Designed by: Ilhyun Kwon, Moonsun Kang, Jieun Oh, Jueun Kim and Hyundae Kim of MIRO Corp.

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Infinite Line Built-in Oven package


The Infinite Line offers a series of built-in ovens with a variety of cook features. The Dual Cook oven has independently controlled upper and lower cooking zones. Dual Cook Steam offers the option to choose between convection or steam cooking in the lower zone. Meanwhile, the Microwave Combi oven combines microwave technology with standard convection, delivering faster cooking results. The ovens can be stacked or arranged horizontally to create the most aesthetically pleasing kitchen grid for a given environment. They feature modern premium styling, including a new glass material called satin that is intended to beautifully offset matte-colored kitchen cabinetry.

Designed by: Hwanwoong Choi, Hyunsoo Kim, Bokyeong Lee, Hyojin Yoon and Taehyoung Cho of RELVĀOKELLERMANN for Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Midea Wall-Mounted Mini Washing Machine

As interest in health and hygiene increases, so has the desire to separate your laundry before washing. A mini washing machine is ideal for this trend because it washes small loads of laundry quickly and without wasting water or electricity. The Midea wall-mounted mini washing machine features a clean and compact design gentle enough for your most delicate and cherished items, such as baby clothes and undergarments. Because it is hung on the wall at eye level, loading and unloading are easy. 

Designed by: Wuxi Little Swan Electric Co., Ltd.

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C by GE Smart Dimmer Switches

C by GE Smart Switches are a family of hubless Wi-Fi/BLE switches featuring dimming, third-party integrations, custom automations, motion and ambient light detection, and quick setup with an intuitive interface. 

Designed by: Mason Hall, Tom Stimac, Hongbin Xu, Logan Wanner & the BALANCE Innovation and Design team

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Air+ air conditioning

This air conditioner was designed with a runway circular air outlet to maximize the area that is cooled. It can be installed horizontally or vertically, giving users more possibilities.

Designed by: Zhong Xu, Li Baoyu, Han Xu, Guo Benhui, Huang Yiqi and Gu Tangtang of Ningbo Aux Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.

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Ambi Chopsticks & Holders

The Ambi Chopsticks and Holders are a set of non-disposable wood chopsticks held together by silicone leaves that during a meal double as a chopstick rest.

Designed by: Oscar de la Hera Gomez of Delasign for The Museum of Modern Art

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Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser

The Anjou essential oil diffuser provides consistent aroma and oil diffusion for up to 15 hours with a noise level less than 30dB.

Designed by: Tianyu Xiao, Youlai Liang, Dengkun Yan and Xuncheng Wu of Shenzhen NearbyExpress Technology Development Company Limited

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