Tineco Moda one

The Tineco Moda one is a smart hair dryer that solves consumers’ constant struggle with wanting to dry their hair quickly without causing damage and achieving a stylish look each and every time. 

Designed by: He Wujia, Yuan Siyuan, Li Cancan and Yu Xuan of Tineco Intelligent Technology

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Midea D8v2 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The Midea D8v2 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner makes cleaning more professional, smarter, and more comprehensive. It uses visual recognition and laser radar to identify obstacles and navigation intelligently.

Designed by: Zhaohua Lyu, Pei Cao, Tengteng Du and Hang Lee of Midea vacuum cleaner design team


Eureka Polaris-D8 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The Polaris-D8 Central Dust Collecting Station takes your cleaning experience to a new level. It automatically empties the dustbin more than 30 times, and you can interact with it via voice commands.

Designed by: Tengteng Du, Pei Cao,  Zhaohua Lyu and Hang Lee of Midea vacuum cleaner design team

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The GX03 is a water dispenser designed for Chinese kitchens. Its ultra-thin appearance integrates well into any kitchen, and its white body with gray accents projects the simplicity and elegance of modern life. 

Designed by: Suping Zhong and Shilong Ke of Hangzhou ROBAM Applicances Co., Ltd.

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Urbanity Grooming Water Optimizer

Kohler Urbanity combines a water softener and filter to improve your grooming experience and long-term dermal health. The compact, minimalist design perfectly complements Kohler bathroom cabinets.

Designed by: Tsungyu Lu and Yujue Wu of Kohler Design Studio - Shanghai

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Reve Water Purifier

Kohler Reve is a purification device that provides fast filtration for drinking water. It dispenses purified water at a generous 2L/min—double the flow of most similar devices. 

Designed by: Tsungyu Lu, Yujue Wu and Harvey Ding of Kohler Design Studio - Shanghai

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SwitchBot Curtain

The SwitchBot Curtain is a smart home robot that motorizes your existing rod and rail curtain. Installation is quick and easy, only 30 seconds, and requires no screws, nuts, or bolts.

Designed by: Jiye Shen, Xiaoting Wu, Junyao Li and Beixian Xu of Shenzhen IU+ Design Co. Ltd. for WOAN TECHNOLOGY (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD

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EVE Air-Conditioner

The EVE Air-Conditioner uses convergent extrusion air-flow technology to concentrate the direction of the air supply. With the smart camera, it can deliver cool air directly to people and objects. 

Designed by: Yu Wei, Li Baoyu, Jia Qifan, Zhang Jinghong and Gu Tangtang of Ningbo AUX Electric Co., Ltd. Industrial Design Center

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Protector air purifier

The Protector air purifier was design specifically for bedrooms. It runs quietly, as low as 18 decibels, for a comfortable sleeping environment. It is also equipped with ultrasound to eliminate mites.

Designed by: Yu Wei, Men Li Kangping, Ms Li Baoyu, Men Li Liang, Men Gu Tangtang of Ningbo AUX Electric Co., Ltd. Industrial Design Center 

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3.6V Straight Electric Screwdriver

The design of the 3.6V Straight Electric Screwdriver created a balance between a minimalistic appearance and appropriate functionality to redefine home tools in the China market.

Designed by: Shanghai HOTO Technology Co., Ltd.

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