SIGNATURE Kitchen Suite 18”/30”/36" Column Refrigerator

The SIGNATURE Kitchen Suite Column Refrigerator consists of an 18-inch freezer and a 30-inch refrigerator. This modular refrigerator allows you to select its size and type so that it can perfectly fit into a user’s space. In conventional refrigerator designs, the exposed light source and the rear duct hole structure have been taken for granted for the cold air flow and the illumination. However, the SIGNATURE Kitchen Suite Column Refrigerator secures a showcase image and clean look that can perfectly match the modern concept of luxury kitchens.

Designed by: Kyukwan Choi, Hyungki Kim, Sungkyong Han, Minsub Kim and Sookyeong Kang of LG Electronics Inc. Sooyeon Kim, Hongsik Kwon, Wonjun Lee, Suhyeon Son

Contact: Gihyeon.Lee@lge.com

The Channel Bowl

The Channel Bowl is the evolution of an everyday bowl for better scooping, sipping and gripping. An elegant interior channel gives the meal a natural gathering place as a user eats. When paired with the nesting spoon, the Channel Bowl reduces the amount of scooping needed to finish a meal, eliminates bowl tilting and allows the user to easily scoop with one hand. The exterior has dimples sized for fingertips. This creates a refined yet tactile exterior and a secure grip when pouring and lifting the bowl. The Channel Bowl improves meal times for a wide-range of users, including parents, children and people with disabilities.

Designed by: David Collins of Luke & Lucy

Contact: dave@lukeandlucy.com, http://lukeandlucy.com/

24” TwinWash Washing Machines

The TwinWash combines a drum washer and a mini washer. Users can sort clothes into two piles and wash them separately or at once. The TwinWash was created with a combination of technologies, including a vibration sensor, dual ball balancer, vibration reducer and vibration eliminator that automatically adjusts the vibration generated by the two washers. With the Mini Washer users can clean a small amount of laundry without having to wait until they have enough laundry, saving water and energy.

Designed by: Wookjun Chung, Youngsoo Ha, Kyounga Lee and Eunyoung Chee of LG Electronics Inc.

Contact: Gihyeon.Lee@lge.com


Aquamono is a water filtration device combined with a pitcher. The pitcher uses a natural filtration method to cleanse tap water of contaminants such as rust residue, chlorine and heavy metals. When the pitcher is connected to the main body of the device, the purified water inside can be dispensed hot or cold. Users can immediately purify as much water as they need, and because the pitcher can be detached, users can easily clean the device.

Designed by: Junyoung Park of Coway Co., Ltd.

Contact: jiae10@coway.co.kr

August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock is a device that installs over an existing deadbolt, enabling users to lock or unlock their door through an app. Using Bluetooth technology, the lock recognizes the user upon approaching the door and automatically unlocks. The app allows users to send out digital keys, granting users access to the lock and sending notification of entry to the owner. The discreet lock is installed on the interior of the door in less than 15 minutes.

Designed by: Yves Béhar, IDSA, Arthur Kenzo, Matthew Pempkowski and fuseproject design team and Jason Johnson of August

Contact: kari@fuseproject.com, http://august.com/products/august-smart-lock/

Dojo by Bullguard

Dojo is a new paradigm in security interaction, providing perfect visibility of traffic in and out of the home. Simple cues alert homeowners to unusual activity while providing control over data. When it comes time to confirm an attack or deny a request, the user quickly and easily decides the course of action through a succinct chat within the app. Dojo's unique features establish a new personality in home security—one that is visible, calm and in control.

Designed by: Gadi Amit, IDSA, Yoshikazu Hoshino, Tony Smith, Jon Patterson and Ben Wong of NewDealDesign for Dojo-Labs

Contact: gadi@newdealdesign.com, www.newdealdesign.com

Flatware Cutlery Set

Inspired by carved stone, the Flatware Cutlery Set offers a clean and simple design, balancing strikingly contrasting surfaces which unite mirror-polished heads with sand-blasted handles. Thoughtfully crafted for the cross-cultural intricacies of contemporary family dining, the proportions of each piece—fork, knife, dinner spoon and teaspoon—have been carefully considered to cater for both Eastern and Western cuisines. It stands out in the flatware market by delivering more versatile and flexible functionality.

Designed by: Zhuhai Imonkey Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact: binyi.liu@imonkey.com.cn

Jummo Slim Clock

The Jummo Slim Clock is the world's thinnest home wall clock. It updates the clunky and heavy form of the traditional wall clock. Users will find that the 15 millimeter fuselage is almost flush with the wall so the time can be clearly read no matter the angle at which the clock is viewed. The clock adopted the materials and processes commonly used in the consumer electronics industry, greatly reducing the cost of production while also achieving maximum environmental protection.

Designed by: Qi Weijia of Meow Technology Co. Ltd. for Slim Clock

Contact: qiweijia@meowtechnology.com

Nest Hello

The Nest Hello video doorbell is an intelligent HD security camera designed for a front door, replacing an existing wired doorbell. Tough on intruders and easy on the homeowner, Nest Hello delivers comprehensive security while remaining delightful to live with and use every day. Hello monitors the front door 24/7 and alerts users when people are at the door, even if they don’t ring the bell. It spots unfamiliar faces, detects people talking and hears dogs barking—then sends an alert.

Designed by: Nest

Contact: bradglasser@nestlabs.com, https://nest.com/doorbell/nest-hello/overview/

OXO Good Grips POP Container

The OXO Good Grip POP container is a closed container for dried food with single-handed operations. Users can open and close the lid by simply pushing a button in the center. Thanks to one-handed usability, the opening and closing is available at once even during cooking. The variety of sizes are completely designed for realizing the stacking modularly. In addition, the thin lid and slim styling has increased storage capacity.

Designed by: Tamotsu Matsumoto, Makiko Kida and Taiki Nosaka of FORM Co., Ltd. for OXO International, Ltd.

Contact: f.design@form.co.jp, https://www.oxojapan.com/products/storage-organization/pop-containers/pop-container-slim-rectangle-short