The double U-shaped heating belt of the ZQB400-S228 ensures that the steam is not condensed, producing more delicious food; the fast steaming mode combined with slow stewing makes the perfect soup.

Designed by: Suping Zhong and Lili Tian of Hangzhou ROBAM Appliances Co., Ltd.

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Zip Top reusable containers

Zip Top reusable containers are 100% platinum silicone containers that stand up, stay open and zip shut. They are all food-grade quality and microwave, dishwasher, oven and freezer safe. Zip Top containers perfectly bridge the gap between a structural container with a lid and flexible zippered plastic bags. They are also free of plastic and can be used endlessly. They come in nine shapes and sizes—the uses are endless.

Designed by: Rebecca Finell of Zip Top

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the Tea Maker™ Compact

The Breville Tea Maker™ Compact eliminates the guesswork so you can enjoy the perfect cup of tea. To achieve the best flavor and aroma without bitterness, water temperature and steep time must be just right, which can be difficult to achieve at home. The Tea Maker™ Compact is fully programmable for all types of tea, with set water temperatures and steep times. The fully automated tea basket uses a magnetic drive system to gently agitate the leaves for precise infusion. When the tea has finished brewing, a keep-warm feature ensures it stays at the perfect drinking temperature for up to 60 minutes. 

Designed by: Breville Global Design Team

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Tetra Dishwasher

The Tetra is an a compact countertop dishwasher that cleans in minutes using only 1 gallon of water. With its own water reservoir, no plumbing is required. Instead, water is manually poured into the unit, and dirty water is easily removed via a greywater reservoir. It can be placed on a countertop and plugged into a standard electrical outlet. Tetra uses 80% less water and energy than existing dishwashers. Tetra can wash two full place settings, 10 plates or 12 pint glasses within minutes. 

Designed by: frog Design for Heatworks

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Stagg EKG, Electric Water Kettle

The Stagg EKG is an electric water kettle designed to live on your counter. The designers removed all superfluous elements, focusing on simple, functional details that are visually clear and easy to use. The goal was a kettle that could transition from the kitchen to the table and feel right at home. Coffee and tea require a wide variety of temperatures to extract the best flavors, so the Stagg EKG allows you to select the precise setting. It will also maintain the water at your desired temperature for up to 60 minutes. 

Designed by: Nick Cronan, Josh Morenstein, Drew Putterman, Florent Alexandre & Julian Bagirov of Branch Creative for Fellow

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LifeStraw Home Glass Water Filter Pitcher

The LifeStraw® Home is a premium water filter pitcher that protects against harmful contaminants in water. It was designed with form, function and social responsibility in mind. It is the only pitcher that removes microplastics, bacteria and parasites; reduces heavy metals such as lead, mercury and chromium III; and reduces chemical contaminants such as herbicides, pesticides and chlorine. For 15 years, LifeStraw has focused on redefining the safe drinking water space. Its water filtration technology was originally created to filter Guinea worm larvae and has evolved to remove parasites and bacteria. Comprised of a seven-cup borosilicate glass pitcher containing LifeStraw’s innovative filtration technology, LifeStraw Home removes contaminants and toxins while preserving health-essential minerals (magnesium, potassium and sodium). Users can hold and fill the pitcher with one hand, courtesy of a properly weighted glass handle and unique top-fill lid. Through LifeStraw’s Give Back programming, each LifeStraw Home pitcher purchased ensures that a school child in need receives access to clean, potable drinking water for an entire school year.

Designed by: Mikkel Vestergaard, Alison Hill and Jean Luc Madier, LifeStraw, and Soren Rose and Marcus Madsen of Soren Rose Studio for LifeStraw

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LG Dual Wing Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans usually have a dead zone in the middle that is incapable of generating wind. The LG Dual Wing Ceiling Fan has solved this limitation by placing dual blades at the center that eliminate the dead angle, enabling the fan to provide more coverage than competing fans. The dual blades are transparent, which reduces the visual footprint of the fan. The seamless unibody design connecting the three main blades reduces wind loss and makes cleaning easier since the blades can be cleaned all at once. The “mosquito away” setting generates ultrasonic waves that drive mosquitoes away. This function is effective in reducing occurrence rates of diseases caused by mosquitoes, such as dengue fever in tropical and subtropical regions, which are increasing every year.

Designed by: Hosik Jang, Ilseop So, Seungho Baek, Seungdon Lee & Kangeui Cho of LG Electronics

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June Intelligent Oven

The June Intelligent Oven solves the problem that has challenged cooks for years: unpredictable cooking. It’s a smart countertop oven that uses the latest in technology and machine learning to help people create perfect meals every time. Priced at $599, June is designed to replace several appliances—it’s a convection oven, air fryer, dehydrator, slow cooker, broiler, toaster and warming drawer all-in-one. From roasting salmon to reheating last night’s lasagna to cooking a 10-pound turkey, June heats up faster and cooks with more accuracy than traditional ovens. 

Designed by: Ammunition for June

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IoT Doorlock

The IoT Doorlock provides IoT-based customized door-access services. Using biometric data, it recognizes and analyzes user patterns to provide diverse access, security and care services optimized for users. It supports both the password input method and fingerprint biometrics, and users can select between the dead-bolt method and the lever method. The lock can be remotely controlled in real time by linking to a mobile phone, and the status can be controlled from both inside and outside the house.

Designed by: Ha Jeonghoon, Jung Daewoo, Maeng Chulho & Kim Youngkwon of Samsung SDS

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Helm is a personal home computer server that allows people to take back ownership of their online data starting with email. Collecting people’s data—and their family's—is a massive industry with major social impact yet few viable alternatives. Helm features high-performance capabilities normally found in larger business-class hardware. The pagoda-style design was selected for its ability to create a solid-state cooling solution for the electronics—essential for longevity—combined with great expandability and a gentle cue for an icon of dwelling. 

Designed by: Gadi Amit, IDSA, Erik Askin, IDSA, Andrew Browning & Alex Chow of New Deal Design

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