Smart air conditioning controller

This smart plug turns an ordinary air conditioner into a smart one in seconds, allowing you to monitor and control and your air conditioner with your mobile phone.

Designed by: Jack Chen, Yixi Lai and Meng Meng of Lumi United Industrial Design Team

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Smart brewing coffee machines

This commercial-grade machine automatically makes hand drip coffee with a consistent taste, eliminating the fluctuations that can occur among different baristas.

Designed by: Bumjeong Baik, Sohee Bae and Jihoon Joo of designoasis

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Smart clothes drying rack

This drying rack features four functions: electric lifting, lighting, heating and intelligent automation. It reduces drying time and accommodates a variety of clothes and bedding.

Designed by: Jack Chen, Yixi Lai and Meng Meng of Lumi United Industrial Design Team

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Smart Home Package

The Smart Hub is the center of the smart home package. It is capable of smart security, light control, remote turning on/off of appliances, networked appliance control and other functions.

Designed by: Jack Chen, Meng Meng and Su Ping of Lumi United Industrial Design Team

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Stages Accessory

Kohler's Modular Accessories feature over a dozen modules—from shelving frames to boxes to trays—and a diverse array of finishes to suit distinct lifestyles and habits.

Designed by: Chew Kor Han and Lee Chia Ying of Kohler Design Studio, Shanghai, China

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STRAYT Hygienic Hub Hand Dryer

With its elegant sculptural appearance, STRAYT is the central hygienic hub for public toilets. It drys hands while rapidly purifying the air.

Designed by: Lisa Hsieh, Tsungyu Lu and Celina Yan of Kohler Design Studio

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The embedded air conditioner

This air conditioner features air outlets that are hidden when not in use, helping the device to harmonize within its environment and preventing dust accumulation.

Designed by: Zhang Jin, Li Baoyu, Zhao Jing, Guo Benhui, Huang Yiqi and Gu Tangtang of Ningbo Aux Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.

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The Waterfall water purifier was designed for small and medium-sized families. Placed under the kitchen sink, it purifies municipal water through advanced reverse osmosis technology.

Designed by: Eugene, Edison, Yili Shang, HaoZhang and Jason of Kemflo (Nanjing) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

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WATERFOIL is an innovative solution for handwashing in public restrooms that integrates the faucet, soap dispenser and dryer into the sink.

Designed by: Kohler Design Studio

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ZQB135-SZ01 is an electric steamer that innovates the traditional steaming method and creates a bamboo steaming cooking mode for the Chinese kitchen.

Designed by: Suping Zhong and Jiawei Ru of Hangzhou ROBAM Appliances Co., Ltd.

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