Illumiknobi is a battery-powered door knob with an internal motion sensor that casts a beautifully illuminated pattern as you approach. Upon detecting your movement, Illumiknobi gently becomes brighter, helping you to navigate the darkened space while leaving others undisturbed. Door knobs are typically purely functional and boring; you don’t think twice when using one—which is what makes Illumiknobi so different. It offers a techno-functional solution designed for simplicity and beauty, which encourages forward thinking about how something commonplace can become innovative and solve everyday problems.

Designed by: Aida Watson of Pin & Tumbler Studio at Allegion

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Coway Icon Air Purifier

The health effects of air pollution remain a public health concern worldwide. Coway’s Icon Air Purifier was designed to bring wellness, address preventative health, and support healthy-minded individuals by helping to control the air quality in homes, tight spaces, and places with debris and poor air circulation. The Icon boasts a design-forward solution to an otherwise mainly utilitarian product. Any medical and health-conscious users can feature this device in their home without feeling like it should be hidden. The air purifier also provides Wi-Fi connectivity for more usability and functionality, as well as allowing users to control the air purifier from a smartphone. 

Designed by: Yves Behar, Valentin Sollier, Matt Pempkowski, Jaehoon Jung, William Stuart, Hyun- Joo Song (Coway Design Center), Mi Kyung Kim (Coway Design Center), Jong Ho Choi (Coway Design Center), Suki Lee (Coway Design Center), Gahee Kim (Coway Design Center)

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Sunshine Series Human Body Induction Light

The Sunshine Series Human Body Induction Lights provide a range of practical light solutions for your home that are simple to install, have a long battery life, and can be used in a variety of ways. The aisle light is fixed to any wall using the magnetic 3M adhesive backing. When in PIR mode, the light will only turn on in a dark environment and when it detects the presence of a human body. This allows the battery to last up to 150 days before recharging. It also has a manual switch that disables the PIR mode. Other lights in the series include the entrance light, closet light, and mirror light.

Designed by: Shenzhen Times Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. for Baseus

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Urbanity+ Shower Column

The Urbanity+ Shower Column takes your showering experience to a new height of convenience, comfort, and style. Turn the water on/off directly with the simple push of a button, and precisely adjust the water temperature and volume with a turn of the dial. The multifunctional overhead soaker offers you satisfying full body coverage with a water column that envelops your body in a warm hug of water. The control box serves as a handy shelf. Its textured surface and sandblasted glass top have a pleasant tactile feeling, a nice change from the usual jolt of cold metal. 

Designed by: Kohler Design Studio

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Electrolytic sterilizer (WCE-200)

When we want to disinfect a surface, we usually reach for a chemical cleaner. The WCE-200 Electrolytic sterilizer transforms tap water into a powerful and safe way to sanitize, deodorize, and clean. Forget having to worry about the safety of the ingredients in your cleaning products or how they may damage surfaces, including your skin. Just refill your WCE-200 with water from your tap and spray away. Spray it on your table, cutting board, bathroom, couch, and toys. The electrolytic water generated by the WCE-200 can eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on surfaces. You can also use it to eliminate odors, even on your pet.

Designed by: Seungwoo Yu and Joonghee Kim of Wonbong Co., Ltd.

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High-end foldable baseboard electric heater

This high-end foldable baseboard electric heater features a dual-spindle-motion mechanism designed to achieve any combination of angles from 0 to 180, making sure you stay warm no matter where you are sitting. In addition to warming your space in winter and on rainy days, it can also be used as a clothes dryer. Following the notion of simplifying complexity, its appearance is simple and elegant. Yet its use of materials suggests a high-end product, breaking away from the impression of electric heaters as cheap and clumsy. 

Designed by: Ke Mou, Sha Li, Luan Qin, Jingjing Wang and Qijian Yang of Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai

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GROHE SmartControl Kitchen

The SmartControl Kitchen collection reimagines the kitchen faucet experience with a new valve technology that transforms the user experience. The faucets offer intuitive operation by pushing and turning. To start the water flow, simply push the button at the faucet’s outlet, or use your elbow or wrist when both hands are full or unclean. For precise water flow, turn the ProGrip button right or left, from the economical eco setting to the powerful jet spray. Regulate the temperature with the mixing valve on the faucet’s body. 

Desiged by: Grohe In-house Design Team

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Ivy Pour-Over

The Ivy Pour-Over system is the first piece of Starbucks-designed store equipment to be offered as merchandise. The intent behind the Ivy Pour-Over was to distill the pour-over experience to the purest relationship of the cone, the cup, and the coffee that flows between them. By suspending the cone above the cup from the top edge rather that the bottom, the eye is drawn to the perfect stream of coffee flowing into the cup below. Ivy's metal cone helps maintain an even temperature, which ensures consistent beverage quality. Other features that make Ivy a pleasure to use are the drip tray plate, which mitigates splashing, and a size that sits perfectly on an Acaia scale. 

Designed by: Starbucks Industrial Design, Starbucks Global Equipment Development and PMI Worldwide for Starbucks Reserve®

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SMART 360 Air Purifier Series

The SMART 360 is an air purifier for home use that reflects soft minimalism and a user-oriented design. Anyone can use the product easily and conveniently with the intuitive user interface design. The combination of a two-tone color scheme with metal creates a luxurious sensibility that harmonizes with various interior environments. Through the internal IoT chip, users can conveniently use and manage the product with a smartphone anytime, anywhere. The filter is monitored with RFID technology, which informs the user when it is time for the filter to be replaced, a simple task that takes only 20 seconds.

Designed by: Ilhyun Kwon, Moonsun Kang, Jieun Oh, Jueun Kim and Hyundae Kim of MIRO Corp.

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Infinite Line Built-in Oven package


The Infinite Line offers a series of built-in ovens with a variety of cook features. The Dual Cook oven has independently controlled upper and lower cooking zones. Dual Cook Steam offers the option to choose between convection or steam cooking in the lower zone. Meanwhile, the Microwave Combi oven combines microwave technology with standard convection, delivering faster cooking results. The ovens can be stacked or arranged horizontally to create the most aesthetically pleasing kitchen grid for a given environment. They feature modern premium styling, including a new glass material called satin that is intended to beautifully offset matte-colored kitchen cabinetry.

Designed by: Hwanwoong Choi, Hyunsoo Kim, Bokyeong Lee, Hyojin Yoon and Taehyoung Cho of RELVĀOKELLERMANN for Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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