The BB-15 removes contaminants from tap water while softening it. Soft water has excellent cleansing power and helps prevent skin diseases. The illuminated gauge displays the soft water usage and the time taken to soften water. The softener can be installed on the wall or as a standalone product.

Designed by: Junyoung Park of Coway Co., Ltd.

Contact: jiae10@coway.co.krwww.coway.co.kr


The BASH30 digital bidet promotes personal health and hygiene. Its cleansing water nozzle was developed in cooperation with a medical institution. It also automatically sterilizes pipes, nozzles and the bowl with electrolytically sterilized water and periodically sprays foam detergent on the bowl to remove stains.

Designed by: Jin Gyu Seo and So Yeon Lee of Coway Co., Ltd

Contact: jiae10@coway.co.krwww.coway.co.kr


The ATMOBOT AA is the only intelligent mobile air purifying robot on the market currently. Its independent moving function has improved the efficiency of air purification in more rooms of a house, and its human-computer interaction enables real-time control and monitoring of the robot through a mobile app.

Designed by: Li Xiaowen, Xie Jingya, Chen Mengdan, Wu Zhiqiang of ECOVACS Robotics Co. Ltd.

Contact: mavis.jiang@ecovacs.comwww.ecovacs.com


The AP-3018B is a large air purifier for spaces of 100 square meters. Its two fans powerfully suck in heavy dust near the floor and lighter dust floating in the air through filters located on both sides. The front display gives users clear information about air quality through figures and colors.

Designed by: Jin Gyu Seo and Jong Ho Choi of Coway Co., Ltd.

Contact: jiae10@coway.co.kr; www.coway.co.kr

Ambi Climate 2nd Edition

Ambi Climate is an AI-enhanced air-conditioner accessory offering personalized comfort. The AI engine collects data from onboard sensors and from the smartphone app that you use to indicate if you feel hot, cold or comfortable. It then automatically adjusts the AC to deliver optimal personal comfort throughout the day and the changing seasons.

Designed by: Jervis Chua of Build Republic Ltd. and Ambi Labs

Contact: social@ambiclimate.comhttps://www.ambiclimate.com/

180 ° PVA mop

The 180 ° PVA mop is a conceptual design. It uses PVA as the mop material. With the PVA mop it is easy to clean tricky places, such as corners, baseboards and beneath furniture. The design is simple yet stylish and is easy to use and store.

Designed by: Wu Jian, He Ming, Ye Jiang, Yuan Hao Bo and Chen Xiao Feng of Ningbo Blue Fish Home Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact: daetum@163.com

“The Second Refrigerator” Innovative Design (concept design)

The Second Refrigerator is intended to for the living room rather than the kitchen. It allows users to store a variety of items that require more accurate temperature control, such as medicine, cosmetics, red wine and fruit, by using a variety of storage partitions.

Designed by: Difei Wang, Wei Wei, Jia Chen and Hui Wang of Hisense Industrial Design Center for Hisense Refrigerator Co., Ltd.

Contact: hanyuting1@hisense.comwww.hisense.com

"Flexible" Electric Heater

The "Flexible" Electric Heater is a bendable heater. The body of the heater is composed of several heating blocks with micro holes on the surface that produce even heat dissipation. The blocks can be arranged in a straight line or in a curve to fit different spaces and uses, such as for drying clothes.

Designed by: Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai

Contact: idc@cn.gree.comwww.gree.com.cn

"860FP"-Air Conditioning

The "860FP"-Air Conditioning has a bionic leaf shape, creating a stylish, streamlined design with innovative soft-wind technology to create a comfortable, healthy temperature for users. The wind plate completely isolates the dust, and the precise vector air supply can bring even an temperature to every corner of the room.

Designed by: Yao Yuqiang, Yu Yourong, Yin Baochen, Wu Henghua and Zhou Mingguang of TCL Air-Conditioner Co.

Contact: yu474067441@163.comwww.tcl.com

GROHE Sense & Sense Guard

GROHE’s vision for the Sense and Sense Guard was to ensure that water is always a source of pleasure. Yet sometimes water is also a source of problems—leaks, blocked sinks, burst pipes and suddenly homeowners are confronted with a damaged home, ruined personal items and unexpected costs. The GROHE Sense is a smart water sensor that detects water in your home. It is equipped with a range of intelligent functions to detect, sense and respond to the presence of water where it shouldn’t be. The GROHE Sense Guard is a smart water controller that detects smaller leaks and dripping taps and in the case of a burst pipe shuts off the water supply. Furthermore, it constantly measures and compares water pressure, temperature and flow with preset thresholds.

Designed by: Grohe Design Team

Contact: sylvia.bittner@grohe.com, https://www.grohe.com/gcc/34458/for-your-smarthome/grohe-sense/, https://www.grohe.de/en/smarthome/sense-guard/