Gallery Stand

The Gallery Stand challenges the notion that a TV should be hung on a wall or set on a table. It lets you place your TV out and about in a room while enhancing any space. Mounted on the stylish tripod design, TV never looked this good. The simple floating design with premium aluminum and straight lines creates a stylish atmosphere. The companion bracket connects peripheral devices with the cables and tucks it all neatly out of sight, creating harmony between the TV and its surroundings. With a design that eliminates all distractions, Gallery Stand creates a more immersive viewing experience.

Designed by: Hyoung Won Kim, Sang Ho Lee, and Min Kim of LG Electronics, Inc.

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Mijia K10 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

The Mijia K10 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with a high-speed brushless motor of 125,000 RPM. The 150AW suction power quickly sucks up dust, hair, and visible particles. The automatic sensing system continually monitors the surface and adjusts the gears for a more thorough cleaning. It also prevents unnecessary power consumption caused by the machine being in the wrong gear, significantly prolonging battery life. The intelligent LCD display indicates the cleaning mode, the remaining power, error information, and more. The electronic self-locking function on the display prevents accidental triggering of the controls.

Designed by: Meng Shi Liu and Yu Gan of Xiaomi Mobile Software Co.,Ltd

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The QP5 sound bar provides high-quality sound in a small form factor with 3.1.2 channels and upward Dolby Atmos. Its compact size allows the user to place and easily install it under or next to a TV with no spatial limitations. The round, solid form and interior-friendly fabric complete a design that blends well with the surroundings. The two color options, white and black, broaden users’ choices and enhance the QP5’s interior design versatility. The sub-woofer is a compact low-vibration woofer with the two drivers arranged in the opposite directions to cancel each other’s sound pressure and minimize the vibration of the cabinet.

Designed by: Gang Ho Woo, Soo Young Park, and Seong Yeong Park of LG Electronics, Inc.

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Noble Series(AP-1521B / AP-2021A / AP-3021D)

The Noble Series is a line of tower air purifiers that offers a new vision and goals for an air purifier that goes beyond functionality to become a work of art. With a single clear design language and an image that seems to rise with delicate repetitions, the design is memorable. The series provides consistent premium value that extends across all models regardless of the size and proportion of the space in which they will be used. The foldable, easy-to-replace filters offer better intake efficiency and portability. The air-plate vent system allows direct and indirect control of the airflow and circulation to suit user needs.

Designed by: Hyun-joo Song, Eung-kyu Park, Jung-jae Jeon, Ga-hee Kim, Su-min Shin, and Jeong-hwa Lee of the Coway Design Center 

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All New Stylelec

The All New Stylelec is a smart-home platform consisting of hardware and software that connect a home’s devices for centralized control while offering overall convenience, security, energy conservation, and comfort. Homeowners can use the wall pad to control all the home’s IoT devices. You can make reservations for community facilities, such as cultural programs, and the doorbell can detect and record suspicious persons/activities. The air-quality sensor automatically optimizes the home’s atmospheric conditions. The light switches and individual room thermostats provide maximum comfort. All of the above features can be accessed via mobile devices as well.

Designed by: Byungchan Kim, Kukhyun Yoon, Juyong Eom, Namgeun Kim, and Hansuk Kim of DL E&C

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The Tineco cordless wet-dry vacuum for hard floors detects dirt, vacuums, and washes for the deepest clean with auto-optimized suction power, water flow, and brush roll.

Designed by: Wujia He, Xiangyu Yang and Xuan Yu of of Tineco Intelligent Technology

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Cockroach White House (Cockroach Trap)

The Cockroach White House is a low-cost cockroach trap. It is assembled from a single piece of paper, lures cockroaches with bait placed in the center, and traps them with the adhesive base.

Designed by: Yin Wei and Wang Zhiyao of Zimi Corporation

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Concealed Air Conditioner

The Concealed Air Conditioner was designed to be installed in a closet. The front air vent adjusts the temperature in the room while the bottom air vent dries the clothes inside the closet.

Designed by: Deng Qizhuo, Li Liang, Yi Dongchang,  Wang Haowei, Wang Ling and Gu Tangtang of Ningbo AUX Electric Co., Ltd.

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Folding Air Conditioner

The Folding Air Conditioner simulates the motion of opening a book with foldable and expandable modules. The two modules work independently to adjust the temperature and flow of the air.

Designed by: Liang Caideng, Li Liang, Yi Dongchang,  Long Teng and Gu Tangtang of Ningbo AUX Electric Co.,Ltd.

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Buydeem 8-Series Water Dispenser

The Buydeem 8-Series Water Dispenser delivers boiling water in 3 seconds. It also dispenses unheated water and has a self-cleaning function that removes scale build-up caused by long-term use.

Designed by: Wenjin Zhong of Buydeem Technology Co., LTD

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