BESPOKE Stick VS6800

The BESPOKE Stick VS6800 is a wireless vacuum cleaner with a simple but elegant cylindrical shape. All unnecessary functional elements were removed for greater harmonization with consumers’ living spaces. Consumers can select from multiple color combinations and accessories to satisfy their tastes, just like a tailored suit. It is consumer-focused both when it is in use and not. It has a low center of gravity and a convenient handle strap to allow easy movement while cleaning and when storing the product. To empty the vacuum cleaner, simply push the handle—just like a syringe.

Designed by: Jinsun Park, Guyong Park, Junghun Lee, Sunghaee Cho and Eunji Kim of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Water Pot & The Table

The Water Pot & The Table help you care for your beloved pets. The Water Pot is a water purifier. It continuously provides clean water while circulating and purifying any stagnant water. Pets can now drink pleasant, safe water similar to a naturally flowing stream. The Table is an automatic feeding machine that helps improve pets’ dietary habits. Autonomous feeding can be convenient for people, but it can cause obesity in pets. It not only serves the appropriate amount of food at the appropriate time, but it allows pet owners to customize the height and depth of the machine to best suit their pet. 

Designed by: duit design lab, Sang Hyuk Kim, Tae Hyoung Kim, Bomi Kim

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KOHLER Flexispace Bathtub

Inspired by the Japanese bathing culture of Onsen (hot-spring bathing), the Flexispace bathtub is designed for deep soaking, which is considered to offer the most relaxation. In a compact living space, it is difficult to have a full-length bathtub. The Flexispace bathtub is designed to fit in a space no larger than a shower or a small bathroom without compromising the comfort of deep soaking or creating an unergonomic situation. It has a foldable step and inner seat, which make it easier to enter and exit, and allows users the option for a half-body or a full-body soak. It is offered in two different sizes. The smaller size fits inside a shower stall, leaving around half the space for the shower.

Designed by: Kohler Design Studio

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Oransi Mod

Oransi Mod combines a user-friendly air purifier that looks great in every home. The smart design starts with a simple glass-touch user interface: Just slide your finger to adjust the fan speed to the perfect setting. Then the display dims while the quiet, clean air flows. The simple, intuitive user experience is enhanced by the visual design. The elegant fabric-wrapped cylinder form elevates the home interior. A soft textured form floats visually above a sculptural cast aluminum base to elevate the intake and the appearance. Inside, an efficient motor quietly powers air through a medical­­­-grade HEPA filter.

Designed by: Kurt Rampton, IDSA, Kelly Custer, Holly Coggins, Joseph Smeltzer, and Steve Gerstein of BOLTGROUP for Oransi

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Toshiba Air Purifier Series

The Toshiba Air Purifier Series features a small air purifier intended to be placed on a piece of furniture, like a desk, and a high-style air purifier for larger spaces meant to be placed on the ground. The modular design and removable grid of both models make it easy for users to replace the filter screen. The air inlet grid, which is not electrified, can be washed. The indicator light on the front alerts uses to the air quality. Blue, green, orange, and red represent, respectively, excellent, good, medium, and poor air.

Designed by: Wei Chen, Tianjia Huang, Lei Zhao, Xuefei Zhang, and Hanqiang Lei of FOSHAN SHUNDE MIDEA ELECTRICAL HEATING APPLIANCES MFG.Co.,Ltd.

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BESPOKE 4-Door Flex Refrigerator

The BESPOKE 4-Door Flex Refrigerator features a robust, minimalist design that harmonizes with any kitchen through its modern paneling. The door handles are even hidden within a recess to avoid any protruding elements that would disrupt the product’s clean lines. The temperature, humidity, and interior and exterior design can be customized to user preferences, making it a truly bespoke product. The top left door is equipped with a dedicated beverage center for storing people’s favorite drinks while stylishly displaying them. The FlexZone in the bottom right door provides specialized storage options for beverages, meat and fish, vegetables, lightly frozen food, and fully frozen food. 

Designed by: Jaejun Kim, Aeryun Kim, Seokwoo Kim, Hyeongju Seo, and Ahjung Joo of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Electric Cooking Package

The Electric Cooking Package eases people’s daily cooking chores. This dual-voltage pot boils, fries, steams, bakes, sautés, roasts, and more. Combining so many functions in one device simplifies the act of cooking. And it is more convenient as living spaces are gradually being reduced over time. It is also ideal for taking on a picnic or a trip, since it doesn’t take up a lot of space and it’s easy to use and clean. The Electric Cooking Package is fashionable in appearance and competitive in price.

Designed by: GuangDa Chen, LingHan Li, and HuiTing Qin of Foshan CHARTERHOUSE Electrical Appliances Co.,Ltd.

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360 Air Purifier

Conventional air purifiers cannot clean every corner of a space because they just inhale and discharge air. The 360 Air Purifier uses two boosters that send clean air farther through a targeted dual-booster purification process. You just have to press the power button to enjoy fresh air with no blind spots 24/7. The AI-powered 360 Air Purifier learns through communicating with the user to intuitively identify the status of various contaminants, such as particulate matter, odor, and gas, and to access overall cleanliness. The grill is simple but detailed in design for a more luxurious feel. It is open in all directions, embodying the image of never-ceasing air purification.

Designed by: Sehwan Bae, Myungwhoon Lee, Seungho Baek, Kangeui Cho, Jeewook Ha, and Sungkyong Han of LG Electronics Inc.

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WashTower with Center Control

The WashTower with Center Control integrates the washer and dryer into one unit. It offers a centralized control panel and a lower height to make inserting and removing clothes easier. It features a simple, flat exterior and a flat reinforced glass door. By being integrated into a single body, the washer and dryer share washing data and can finish washing and drying in a shorter amount of time. The integrated intuitive controls let you regulate the washer and the dryer all at once. Compared to having separate units, the WashTower is more space efficient. 

Designed by: Junghwan Lee, Eunyoung Chee, Sojin Park, Hyewon Kim, and Hoil Jeon of LG Electronics, Inc.

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Eufy H30 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Eufy H30 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner features PowerSync technology, which optimizes the coordination of volume and efficiency. The device is only the size of a wine bottle, but its maximum power and runtime are twice that of same-sized products. The removable battery module not only extends runtime but makes cleaning faster, deeper, and more efficient. The dust-scraping technology improves cleaning performance and reduces maintenance issues. Its disposable mop module wipes the floor while vacuuming. The set of multifunctional accessories makes daily cleaning of small areas more convenient for users. 

Designed by: Zongshuai Xu, Chao Ren, Peirong Mou, Sangmin Yu, and Xuefeng Bai of Shenzhen Oceanwing Smart Innovation Co., Ltd for Anker Innovations Technology Co., Limited

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