The GX03 is a water dispenser designed for Chinese kitchens. Its ultra-thin appearance integrates well into any kitchen, and its white body with gray accents projects the simplicity and elegance of modern life. 

Designed by: Suping Zhong and Shilong Ke of Hangzhou ROBAM Applicances Co., Ltd.

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Urbanity Grooming Water Optimizer

Kohler Urbanity combines a water softener and filter to improve your grooming experience and long-term dermal health. The compact, minimalist design perfectly complements Kohler bathroom cabinets.

Designed by: Tsungyu Lu and Yujue Wu of Kohler Design Studio - Shanghai

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Reve Water Purifier

Kohler Reve is a purification device that provides fast filtration for drinking water. It dispenses purified water at a generous 2L/min—double the flow of most similar devices. 

Designed by: Tsungyu Lu, Yujue Wu and Harvey Ding of Kohler Design Studio - Shanghai

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SwitchBot Curtain

The SwitchBot Curtain is a smart home robot that motorizes your existing rod and rail curtain. Installation is quick and easy, only 30 seconds, and requires no screws, nuts, or bolts.

Designed by: Jiye Shen, Xiaoting Wu, Junyao Li and Beixian Xu of Shenzhen IU+ Design Co. Ltd. for WOAN TECHNOLOGY (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD

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EVE Air-Conditioner

The EVE Air-Conditioner uses convergent extrusion air-flow technology to concentrate the direction of the air supply. With the smart camera, it can deliver cool air directly to people and objects. 

Designed by: Yu Wei, Li Baoyu, Jia Qifan, Zhang Jinghong and Gu Tangtang of Ningbo AUX Electric Co., Ltd. Industrial Design Center

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Protector air purifier

The Protector air purifier was design specifically for bedrooms. It runs quietly, as low as 18 decibels, for a comfortable sleeping environment. It is also equipped with ultrasound to eliminate mites.

Designed by: Yu Wei, Men Li Kangping, Ms Li Baoyu, Men Li Liang, Men Gu Tangtang of Ningbo AUX Electric Co., Ltd. Industrial Design Center 

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3.6V Straight Electric Screwdriver

The design of the 3.6V Straight Electric Screwdriver created a balance between a minimalistic appearance and appropriate functionality to redefine home tools in the China market.

Designed by: Shanghai HOTO Technology Co., Ltd.

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Smart Water Purifier

The Smart Water Purifier was developed for the Indian market. It uses DIY filter replacement and smart app control technology and removes 99.9% pollutants in the water.

Designed by: Keliang Xun, Weiwei Chen, Qing Li and Ruijiang Wang of Xiaomi Inc. and Yibo Gao of Foshan Viomi Electrical Technology

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Melitta Senz V

With the Melitta Senz V smart pour-over coffeemaker, gourmet coffee drinkers can ensure the precise weight of the coffee, amount of water, brewing time, water temperature, coffee extraction, and ultimately the taste.

Designed by: LDA Design Team for Melitta

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