wave pot

The wave pot is a water purifier for pets that not only takes into consideration the pets’ needs but their humans’ needs as well.

Designed by: duit design lab의 SANG HYUK KIM, TAE HYOUNG KIM, BOMI KIM

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Level Touch - The Invisible Smart Lock

Level Touch is a smart lock that offers the convenience of touch. With it you can access your home effortlessly with the touch of your finger, a key card, an app, your voice, or a regular key. Level locks are designed to disappear, not interfere. The Level Touch makes technology invisible, elevating your space. It is also long lasting in both its durability and aesthetic expression. 

Designed by: Feiz Design Studio in collaboration with Level Home Inc.

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Sepura Home Composting Garbage Disposal Unit

Every year Americans landfill or incinerate around 50 million tons of potentially compostable food waste—enough to fully load a line of 18-wheeler trucks from New York City to Los Angeles 10 times. To make composting food waste convenient and appealing to consumers, Sepura Home has transformed the conventional garbage disposal unit into an all-in-one home composting system. Unlike a conventional garbage disposal that sends food waste right into the sewage system, Sepura separates food waste from drain water and diverts it into a collection bin under the sink. This allows food waste to be easily composted and prevents the buildup of odor and fruit flies that typically result from tabletop compost bins.

Designed by: Afshin Mehin, Levi Joo, and Jean-Louis Iaconis of Card79

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Nebia by Moen Spa Shower

The Nebia by Moen is a highly customizable spa shower system that delivers twice the coverage while using about half the water. This shower system upgrades existing showerheads and the shower experience without having to undertake an expensive remodel. It consists of a showerhead, an adjustable slide bar, and a hand shower that magically snaps to the wall via a magnetic dock. The dock enables the hand shower to be positioned as the user desires so it can be used as either a hand shower or when docked to the wall as a posable body spray.

Designed by: Jayson Simeon, IDSA, Jessica Birchfield, IDSA, Adam Valco, IDSA, Ryan Burbank, IDSA, of the FBGPG Design Team in partnership with Nebia

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The 27ART10 represents a paradigm shift in how people watch TV by making the TV adapt to the user. The 27ART10 creates a smart environment that improves people’s quality of life through new form factors and a new user experience in accordance with the changing tastes and thinking of the younger generation. The compact size of the integrated 27ART10 TV and stand was optimized for watching at a closer distance. With the built-in battery and wheels, it can be freely moved about, letting users enjoy their content comfortably from any position—while lying on the bed, sitting on the sofa, exercising, cooking, or in any other position. The multi-hinge structure floats the freely moving screen in the air, allowing users to easily adjust the orientation between portrait and landscape mode. 

Designed by: Nari Lee, Woo Suk Park, and Sang Ik Lee of LG Electronics, Inc.

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Pella Easy-Slide Operator

The Pella Easy-Slide Operator is a window hardware solution that delivers an entirely new way to open and close casement and awning windows. It’s as simple to use as turning a dimmer switch on and off. Homeowners now have a hardware option that is not only aesthetically more pleasing than a crank but is also designed for inclusivity, a solution for all people, regardless of their age or physical ability. The slim, sleek design enables the Easy-Slide Operator to discretely complement existing aesthetics such as window treatments and décor. Precision venting allows users to open the window exactly they want it—and keep it in place. 

Designed by: Jenn Tuetken, Bill Parcells, Mark Hetrick, Brian Kolb, and Todd Bernhagen of Pella Corporation Industrial Design, Insights, and Advanced Development Engineering Teams

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Avoir Tankless Toilet

Avoir is a tankless toilet solution for those who love the look of smart toilets but have low water pressure or no nearby electrical outlet. Avoir delivers powerful cleaning and flushing with just four AA batteries a year! The Quad-Jet engine amps up pressure to clear waste ultra-fast, and the engineered nozzle scrubs the bowl with a vigorous 360-degree flush. It takes only 15 seconds for the tank to refill, instead of the usual 45–60. There’s an emergency flush button if the battery runs out, and an optional wireless actuator makes Avoir especially convenient for people who are elderly, disabled, or young. 

Designed by: Kohler Design Studio

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BESPOKE Air Purifier AX9500N

The AX9500N air purifier allows consumers to choose a front design that suits their lifestyle, tastes, and home interior. Two patterns are available (striped and herringbone) with four colors per pattern. With such a wide variety of appearances to choose from, consumers are sure to find one that will complement their home. The air purifier can be freestanding or combined with a stand to draw attention to it as an elegant, ornamental piece. The rear of the device is simple and understated, directing focus on its performance and enhancing trust in its functionality. 

Designed by: Cheolyeon Cho, Minkyung Choi, Taehan Kim, Seungmok Lee, and Saemi Kim of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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BESPOKE Stick VS6800

The BESPOKE Stick VS6800 is a wireless vacuum cleaner with a simple but elegant cylindrical shape. All unnecessary functional elements were removed for greater harmonization with consumers’ living spaces. Consumers can select from multiple color combinations and accessories to satisfy their tastes, just like a tailored suit. It is consumer-focused both when it is in use and not. It has a low center of gravity and a convenient handle strap to allow easy movement while cleaning and when storing the product. To empty the vacuum cleaner, simply push the handle—just like a syringe.

Designed by: Jinsun Park, Guyong Park, Junghun Lee, Sunghaee Cho and Eunji Kim of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Water Pot & The Table

The Water Pot & The Table help you care for your beloved pets. The Water Pot is a water purifier. It continuously provides clean water while circulating and purifying any stagnant water. Pets can now drink pleasant, safe water similar to a naturally flowing stream. The Table is an automatic feeding machine that helps improve pets’ dietary habits. Autonomous feeding can be convenient for people, but it can cause obesity in pets. It not only serves the appropriate amount of food at the appropriate time, but it allows pet owners to customize the height and depth of the machine to best suit their pet. 

Designed by: duit design lab, Sang Hyuk Kim, Tae Hyoung Kim, Bomi Kim

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