Triple Care Dishwasher


The Triple Care Dishwasher was designed to not only wash and dry your dishes but also to look like a cabinet where dishes are stored and displayed. It features a wide-moving washing rotor with two rotating shafts in the shape of a rectangle that ensure even the dishes in the corners get clean. The dual hot-air technology discharges residual steam and smells at the end of the cycle, enabling faster, more complete drying. The UV sterilization and ventilation functions run periodically to keep the dishes clean so you can leave them in the dishwasher as long as you like. With the touch-on technology, the door opens smoothly with a single touch, and the safety lighting at the bottom of the door prevents accidental exposure to hot temperatures: red means hot, blue means safe. Through the large glass front you can check on your dishes without opening the door, but the half-mirror finish partially hides the dishes from view so as not to clutter your kitchen.

Designed by: Dongju Shin, Jongyoon Yu and Jongsoo Kim of SK magic

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