Miranda O3 Pulldown Kitchen Faucet


The Miranda O3 Pulldown Kitchen Faucet harnesses the power of ozone, a safe anti-microbial disinfectant, to turn your water into a powerful sanitizer. It quickly kills 99% of E. coli from your produce, gets rid of salmonella on chicken, and sanitizes your workstations. The Miranda also reduces chemical and non-synthetic pesticides from your vegetables and fruits. The FDA has approved of the use of ozonated water as a food disinfectant. Press and hold the key on the bottom of the faucet for three seconds; a green light flashes when the ozonated water has been activated. It turns tap water into ozonated water by transforming oxygen into ozone and injecting it into the water. Then simply wash your hands, food, or kitchenwares for few seconds to sanitize them. It is safe for you and the environment because the only by-product is pure oxygen.

Designed by: Caiyun Huang, Jianan Ji, Zhenguang Wu and Zhengtie Yu for Bravat

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